Real estate prices: The good news for early 2022 for borrowers

Real estate prices: The good news for early 2022 for borrowers

The trend observed at the beginning of 2022 is a logical continuation of observations at the end of 2021. Banks warn against the background of more restrictive access to credit … but they know how to be attractive in order to attract the best files.

The whole of 2021 was marked by historically low mortgage rates. Month after month, same tune. And in 2022? While the conditions for granting bank loans have been tightened – no loan for more than 25 years and no more than 35% debt, except for a few files, following the decision of the High Council for Financial Stability (HCSF) – Rates start dropping again in JanuaryAccording to the first estimates.

Throughout 2021, banks had to face Very strong demand Especially from first time buyers [ceux qui achtent pour la premire fois, NDLR]explains Mal Bernier, director of communications and spokesperson for Meilleurtaux. In 2022, after the HCSF decision, we will have to be careful because this will undoubtedly lead to Accessing property is more complicated For more modest young buyers who do not have savings to complete the purchase, as well as for small rental investors.

We think 2022 will be almost like 2021

If banks were more selective, they wouldn’t be less generous: Good news for borrowers, it’s not yet time for rates to go up, welcomes Cecile Rockellor, director of studies at Borrowing. Because most banks have equivalent loan production targets for 2021, which is a record year. (…]It should be in 2022 Maintain offensive rate strategy In the context of strong competition between banks, says Julie Patchett, managing director of Vousfinancer. Thus, average prices offered have remained stable compared to December 2021 at 1% over 15 years, 1.15% over 20 years and 1.40% over 25 years with significant differences depending on profiles, The borrowers most desired by the banks can always finance themselves at less than 1% on all terms: 0.55% over 15 years, 0.75% over 20 years, 0.95% over 25 years, according to Vousfinancer.

Equally optimistically, broker Le-Partenaire relies on lower average short-term prices: we believe 2022 will be nearly identical to 2021 in terms of prices as the real estate market is on the rise with increasingly scarce properties. (…) We can note a A new wave of credit renegotiations And that banks always want files with a minimum contribution, savings and controlled debt ratio, analyzes Fabian Laborde, commercial director of the broker.

Average rates in banks at the beginning of January

  • on me 15 years: 0.88% according to Brito; 1% for your financing; 0.81% according to Le-Partenaire; 0.75% as per direct loan; 0.85% of loans.
  • on me 20 years: 1.01% according to Brito; 1.15% depending on Youfinance; 0.91% according to Le-Partner; 0.95% as per direct loan; 1% of the loans.
  • on me 25 years: 1.19% according to Brito; 1.40% based on Youfinance; 1.10% according to Le-Partner; 1.25% of the direct loan; 1.15% of loans.

Average rates recorded by brokerage networks based on metrics provided by banks. It does not take into account the cost of insurance for the borrower.

Three out of six banks decided to keep their rates, says broker Brito. According to their first estimates, the rates averaged 0.88%, 1.01%, and 1.19% over 15, 20 and 25 years. For the best profiles, conditions stay below 1%, except for over 25 years (0.71% over 15 years; 0.85% over 20 years and 1.01% over 25 years).

Housing finance remains strong in France, as Pierre Chabon, President of Britto, develops, but Home prices will be a major topic for this year, which has been marked by the presidential election But also sharply rising construction prices, the constant pressure of the energy component on the family budget (energy bills and pressure on energy renewal).

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Banks are moving forward the masks

The year 2021 will be marked by the end of the race towards the hypercenter of the capitals and Strong gravitational pull in terms of possession Of these, but also for middle citiesuntil the Rural areas, notes Alban Lacondamine, founding president of Emprunt-direct. A movement that requires proportionately less recourse to borrowing, in a context characterized by a transaction history.

Conclusive evidence that the state of the real estate and credit market is especially at the beginning of the year: some banks no longer send out monthly schedules, but prefer to apply rate cuts on a case-by-case basis, depending on income in particular, is surprised by Sandrine Allonier, director of studies at Vousfinancer. Deviations of about 1 point are observed, depending on the quality of the file.

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