Winter Sale 2022: Let's Go For Four Weeks Of Sale!

Winter Sale 2022: Let’s Go For Four Weeks Of Sale!

Winter Sale 2022: Let's Go For Four Weeks Of Sale!
Winter Sale 2022: Let’s Go For Four Weeks Of Sale!

The 2022 winter sales will run from January 12 to February 8, except for a few divisions that started on January 3.

Winter Sale dates 2022

Winter Sale 2022 begins today, January 12th at 8:00 pm. For four weeks, all brands will be able to view their discounts and promotions. The sales period will end on February 8th. Only four divisions: La Moselle, La Meuse, La Meurthe-et-Moselle and Les Vosges started winter sales a week earlier than anyone else, on Monday, January 3. In these four divisions, the final whistle will be delivered on January 30th.

In fact, the regions near Luxembourg got exceptions to start sales early so as not to be left behind by this neighboring country whose sales start before those of France.

Winter 2022 sales online

The regulations that apply to physical stores and businesses are the same as for online sales. Thus, the start and end dates of digital sales are distributed From Wednesday 12 January to Tuesday 8 February. Online stores accessible from France, regardless of the location of their headquarters, must respect the same period and match the same sale dates to display their limited-time offers.

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Organizing and fixing sales periods

On the Origin of Sales Regulation: The Pacte Act was passed in September 2018. This law shortens the initially planned duration from 6 weeks to 4 weeks. Goes into effect in 2020 for winter sales. In addition, the so-called “floating” balances were canceled in January 2015. What is the reason? It has caused a lot of confusion to consumers and little economic impact.

According to the Ministry of Economy, Finance and Recovery, sales must meet three characteristics:

  • It must be accompanied or preceded by an advertisement;
  • Sale items must clearly display a reduction in price (which may amount to resale at a loss within the limits of inventory to be sold);
  • Discounts should only be made during the specified period.

What the charter law defines:

  • restocking of merchants during sale;
  • Sellers can only scan items that have already been purchased and put up for sale for at least one month at the start of sales;
  • Items bought for sale benefit from the same return and exchange guarantees as other items in the event an hidden defect is found;
  • The words “no return, no exchange” are prohibited by law.

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