ESCP's bachelor's degree attracts graduates who are ready to go abroad

ESCP’s bachelor’s degree attracts graduates who are ready to go abroad

Undergraduate students at ESCP must change countries every year, which requires maturity.

“Sir, I did not quite understand the mathematics.” Early in the morning, sophomores in Management at ESCP Business School were diligently following their math course, far from Paris. On the Madrid, Spain campus, Alberto Martinez teaches statistics. Highlighters and pencils in hand, the sixteen students never miss a piece of their teacher’s explanations, across the large interactive whiteboard. From the room windows, students can view the campus garden. A dream place, in one of the best French business schools.

Choice based on high school grades, English language test and interview

Barely 19 years old, these young students left France to pursue their studies. During the three-year course, they must change campuses each year, among the five available to the ESCP. In the first year, they have the option to study in Paris, London or Turin. In the second year they can go to Madrid, Paris or Turin. In their final year, this time they can choose Berlin, London or Paris. A unique program that appeals to many candidates. “They are attracted by this international aspect and also science related subjects such as mathematics, cryptography, macroeconomics, as well as the humanities”, explains Vanessa Strauss-Kahn, Academic Director of The Bachelor. Thus, this year, 403 graduates tried their luck. In the end, 1648 were retained, almost half. Selection was made based on their high school grades, English language test, and motivational interview.

You must have self-confidence

Students thrive in Madrid. They discover classmates from 35 different nationalities, speak English daily in class and learn Spanish. “English is very important in this undergraduate course. This is why not all applicants are often accepted into the program: because of the language barrier », notes Vanessa Strauss-Kahn. If they managed to find their place in the school, this is also thanks to their maturity and thirst for learning, which was revealed during the oral examination of the competition. “The Bachelor is a program where you get out of your comfort zone. You must have self-confidence, shoulder the shoulders of changing countries and managing abroad.

Half of the graduates pursue a master’s degree

The Madrid campus is located about ten kilometers from the center of Puerta del Sol in an old villa. The building, now listed as a heritage site, has high vaulted ceilings painted white. Outside, a large balcony installed under the veranda allows you to enjoy the outdoors. “Previously, the swimming pool that was installed was here. My mother was an ESCP student in the 90s, and she told me she bathed with her classmates. I was sad to see her gone since then,” Justin trusts, a freshman.

“It’s the first time they’ve discovered marketing”

whether “This campus becomes a family for these guys for a few months”, According to Nico Muñoz, Undergraduate Program Director at ESCP Madrid, they are there above all to learn. Laura Riero is a marketing professor. She is used to teaching MBA students, and gives a few hours of lessons to post-baccalaureate students. “It is often the first time they discover marketing. I teach them to understand the discipline. Above all, they must understand, despite their young age, that learning is interesting.”

Once they graduate from their bachelor’s degree in the next year, students can choose to enter the job market or continue their studies. “This year, half of our graduates have pursued their master’s degree, at the major or university, in France or abroad, particularly in the United States or Asia. It is more than before, when they were only a third to continue”concludes Marion Laparmentier, Director of Studies for the program.

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