Mortgage loans 2022: continued high borrowing rates

Mortgage loans 2022: continued high borrowing rates

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The first increase was observed during the fall when borrowing rates increased for short periods. If the end of 2021 retains amazing stability, the new year confirms it Announcing an increase in real estate prices. We return to this phenomenon that disturbed these historically low interests for several months.

Why this rise in real estate prices?

To understand the reason for this increase, it is necessary to see the context of inflation as a whole. It all starts with the Federal Reserve (the Federal Reserve of the United States) which tends to offset the current increase by increasing key interest rates and whose decisions directly affect the European Central Bank. This led to a high rate of the famous OAT (Oblisions Assimilables du Trésor), which stood at 0.7% at the beginning of 2022 according to INSEE, causing a Mortgage rates increase.

What are the consequences of credit terms?

It is worth bearing in mind that this rise in the rate occurs at a time Mortgage interest rates are historically low. According to the Crédit Logement-CSA Monitor, the mortgage loan is returning to its 2019 values, offering rates around 1.25% or 1.30%, which remains relatively reasonable and Cyberprêt brokers are still able to negotiate. Borrowing rates at 0.75% over 20 years, defying all competitors.

But the fear lies not in this rate increase, but in all the rules that revolve around it. In fact, the terms for granting mortgages have changed significantly in recent months, altering the real estate environment and threatening to complicate access to housing for some profiles.

HCSF Standards Don’t Make It Easy

to New restrictions on mortgages Born on January 1, 2022, passed by the Supreme Council for Financial Stability. Measures aimed at regulating mortgage in order to prevent cases of over-indebtedness for borrowers. Reminder :

  • Family debt ratio no longer exceeds 35%And the The drop includes. Banks are required to comply with these requirements, at the risk of exposing themselves to severe penalties;
  • The term of the mortgage is not possible More than 25 years. A strict rule that can only be waived in the context of a construction project or works (Véfa, renovation in the old, building, etc.) where a donation of up to two years can be transferred;
  • The bank has a margin Flexibility in only 20% of files borrower every quarter for violating HCSF guidelines, giving preference to home buyers and first-time buyers.

There are a lot of additional conditions to be fulfilled for the borrower who must have serious collateral to proceed with the acquisition of real estate. Thus, the advance of the rise in borrowing rates will threaten the entry of some individuals into credit, who will see their indebtedness directly affected, and it has not yet been announced that the fund will adapt its laws to this new context.

Great difficulty for first-time buyers and fragile profiles

This inflation, combined with the tightening of applicable rules, risks affecting first and foremost first-time buyers and more indebted people, with limited resources and less purchasing power, both in terms of income, savings or the rest of life. In addition, HCSF guidelines consistently emphasize the real needs ofGreat personal contribution For a less expensive and shorter term loan (i.e. at least 10% to cover additional costs such as guarantee fees, notary fees, etc.). It will be necessary to justify a stable job (CDI or civil servant), a good income and a strong profile to hope for being able to finance.

Towards a possible drop in real estate prices

The real estate market responds to supply and demand dynamics. If the interest rate trend has so far been declining in response to rising property prices, this phenomenon should soon be reversed. In fact, restricting access to real estate will take many profiles out of the real estate market, creating a supply that will always be greater than demand. Agencies or individuals will have to reduce their turnover if they want to find buyers.

Must be accompanied by a real estate broker

In this context, where it will be more than ever necessary to negotiate the interest rate on borrowing,Help from a realtor will be necessary. Not only will he get the best loan rate for you, he will help you build your file and will defend it with the banks. Cyberprêt expert brokers can select the borrowing solution that best suits your profile and Issuance of a financing certificate for youas well as reassure different sellers and brokers.

✍️ Questions and Answers

The Bank’s offer is a commercial offer which may vary according to market conditions and is in no way illegal. In this context of higher borrowing rates, the longer it takes to compile the borrower’s file, the higher the risk of oversupplying the loan.

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