What is ECTS credit?

What is ECTS credit?

ECTS, or the European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System, facilitates recognition of diplomas in Europe and makes student mobility more flexible. L’Étudiant helps you understand how ECTS works, because an informed student deserves two!

Definition: What is ECTS?

In 1989, it was decided at the European level that a ECTS credit (European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System) That would represent 30 hours of work. The ECTS . credit It’s a bit like a “bargaining chip”.

The ECTSExpressing learning volume based on the specific learning outcomes and associated workload Explain the official guide ECTS published by the European Union. It is allowed, in all countries of Europe, to recognize diplomas outside the borders of origin. In fact, licensure (at baccalaureate +3) in France corresponds to a ‘bachelor’ diploma in Belgium; Therefore the readability is not easy.

. main interest ECTS Transferable: Transferable between French universities and European institutions. Thus, a student who wishes to integrate their master’s degree in another country will be able to apply once they have obtained their master’s degree licensei.e. in capital letters 180 ECTS.

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What is the validity period of the ECTS system?

Once you have it, it is for life! What is obtained is kept permanently. If, for example, you interrupt yourself for an interrupted year or for any other reason, then you can resume your studies where you left off without losing ECTS.

How do you calculate your ECTS?

Each academic year is divided into two semesters, and each semester is equivalent 30 ECTS.

  • One year (ie two semesters) corresponds to 60 ECTS
  • Two years (ie four semesters) correspond to 120 ECTS
  • Three years (i.e. six semesters) correspond to 180 ECTS

Starting with this calculation method, the number is easy to understandECTS Associated with each diploma obtained.

Where do I find ECTS credits?

The ECTS What you have obtained during your training is recorded in your transcript after each test session. Just collect it from the university administration.

How to get an ECTS credit certificate?

Only ENIC-NARIC France is authorized to offer a comparative certificate that academically recognizes diplomas obtained in another country. This certificate allows:

  • To continue studying at another French institution (if the latter requests)
  • To support the procedures for searching for work and upgrading the foreign diploma with the employer.

ECTS system via diplomas from baccalaureate +2 to baccalaureate +8

number of credits ECTS Grants vary by diploma.

BTS: How many ECTS?

BTS is a higher technician certification. Attributed to this diploma of the baccalaureate level + 2 120 ECTS.

DUT: How many ECTS?

DUT, University Diploma of Technology, is an intermediate diploma from BUT (Bachelor of Technology). He is at the Bac+2 level and is credited with 120 ECTS.

Objective: How many ECTS?

BUT (University Bachelor of Technology – formerly DUT, University Diploma of Technology) is a diploma worth 180 ECTS. It is prepared in three years after the baccalaureate.

CPGE: How many ECTS?

Like the BTS and the Ministry of Interior AffairsCPGE (Preparatory Classes for Grandes Ecoles), attributed to its holder 120 ECTS.

DCG: How many ECTS?

same A level license or one aim, shootDCG (Diploma in Accounting and Management), Accounts 180 ECTS.

DSCG: How many ECTS?

The DSCG (Higher Education Diploma in Accounting and Management) to be implemented in 2 years after DCG give it 120 ECTS. But who gets the totals 300 ECTS credits If we add them to 180 ECTS The DCG.

License: How many ECTS?

With the General Licensing, the student benefits from 180 credit hours. Note that a professional license, which lasts for 1 year after Bac + 2 and is worth 60 ECTS credits, allows, like a general license, a claim of 180 ECTS.

MSc: How many ECTS?

Obtained after a License (180 ECTS)The Perfects Difficult 2 years (120 ECTS) and gives the right to bac + 5 level and 300 ECTS. We note that Perfects 1 also gives an equivalent of 240 ECTS. Once you get the master 1 Allows you to redirect yourself to another person Perfects or else exercise.

Specialized Master: How many ECTS?

Despite the semantic confusion between Perfects »(Bac +5) and a Specialized Master (bac + 6), these two diplomas have a one-year difference in level. The Ms has value 75 ECTSbut it has no official recognition apart from its (registered) mark and training which is highly regarded by recruiters.

Business Schools: How Many ECTS?

same level gentlemen Universities and business schools issue a diploma in 5 years after Wastebasket (or after two years of baccalaureate +2) which is a value 300 ECTS. It should be noted that some schools offer BA + 3 BA levels, which are also awarded 180 ECTS.

Engineering Faculties: How Many ECTS?

The Business Schoolslike engineering colleges, sanctioned post-baccalaureate training in 5 years (or 3 years post-baccalaureate + 2 in 120 ECTSAnd their certificate is recognised 300 ECTS.

PhD: How many ECTS?

a PhD It is acquired over a period of 3 years and allows access to 180 ECTS. But since it requires a file License (180 ECTS) and masters (120 ECTS)get it equivalent to 480 ECTS Credits to Baccalaureate + 8 levels.

Other diplomas with ECTS credits?

The ECTS . system It can be applied to all programs. National authorities determine which institutions are authorized to grant them ECTS. Any institution, university, school, or even continuing education institution wishing to obtain its accredited program must follow an accreditation process. Note, for example, that the DN MADE (National Diploma in Craft and Design) at 3 years, the MSc (Master of Science) In 5 years and many other diplomas, it also gives the right to credits ECTSincluding technical schools that offer degrees in 3 or 5 years, or communication schools or other specialized schools.

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