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Instructions: These French Students Have The Best American University On Their Resume

Posted on Apr 7, 2022, 7:00 AM

One thing is for sure: Rassem has an impressive resume. After joining the Ecole des Ponts, he traveled to the United States, to obtain a double degree at the highly prestigious Massachusetts Institute of Technology. “A huge and very impressive campus. The courses are more practice-oriented than in France, with lots of case studies and practical work in groups, all with teachers who are all big names in the academic world”Little Rassem. The result: He gets a job in November, and his master’s degree doesn’t expire until the following summer. Today, our graduate works in London, in the world of private equity.

‘Concrete’ academic record

Like Rasim, students from all over the world dream of passing through the doors of America’s top universities. In France, they number 6000 students each year to undertake the Mobility Diploma in the United States, and all colleges combined. To do this, the simplest way is to use the partnerships that already exist between your French institution and American universities.

Difficulty: the most famous choose their partners carefully. Logically, it should come from the best French institutions. On the engineering side, for example, CentraleSupélec sends students each year to MIT, Stanford, Berkeley, and Columbia, but also to Harvard and Princeton. “To get there, you need a tangible academic record, these universities are very selective. Our partnerships are privileged paths, but you still have to be among the best students in your class.”confirms Mark Zollfer, the school’s director of international relations.

test and file

First Step: Take the international tests, such as TOEFL, GRE or GMAT, which are mandatory for application. Caroline, a student at Mines Nancy, joined Cornell University, the 12th world university in Shanghai ranking: “In addition to the academic record requirements, I had to pass the GRE exam, which combines English, logic, text and mathematics. It is a very specific format, I trained for two months to succeed.”, she explained. The assignment was completed for Caroline, who subsequently received a double diploma.

It is also necessary to arm his file, with letters of recommendation from former professors and supervisors, and then with a famous “essay”, a letter of motivation that is impossible to circumvent in the United States. “There is a great dimension to storytelling, it is a complex exercise, because in France we do not learn it: we have to show how everything we have done in our lives has led us to this moment, and build a story around his candidacy »recalls Rassem, who spent time getting to know MIT before moving on to writing.

Rasem and Ayoub during their respective years in America.

Rasem and Ayoub during their respective years in America.Dr

Cost to consider

There is still the delicate question of tuition fees. The general rule is that for commuting for one semester, the student pays only for his home school. On the other hand, under the dual degree, or if registered directly, it pays a full year at the American University. Tuition fees at Yale University and MIT for students enrolled in our dual alumni are about $79,000 or so. Of course, interested students can benefit from the scholarship systems set up by these institutions! »Explains Philip Auster, director of international relations at HEC, which also offers partnerships with New York University, the University of California, Los Angeles, Abyan (University of Pennsylvania) and Johns Hopkins. Inferno cost…

Big cost… Rassem got a scholarship from MIT, but got a student loan. Because to get the visa, you must prove that you have the necessary funds to live there: “I come from a humble background, finding a loan has been an ordeal! These steps with the banks, and then getting the visa were complicated.”

If you don’t need the diploma as such, some partnerships become very interesting. Like Rahima, a student at the University of Paris 1 Pantheon-Sorbonne, she has benefited. For six months, I traveled to New York and Columbia University. “I just paid my Paris 1 tuition fee. It is very extraordinary to be able to study at such a university, without having to take on large debts,” rejoice. Rahima holds lessons “excellent” and one “A beautiful human and cultural experience”.

A “big plus” on CV

Especially since this line can be important on a resume. degree special. “In addition to human and academic experience, it allows you to be part of the alumni network from both institutions! A dual degree is an excellent career starting point, especially if you aim to enter working life in the United States”Philip Oster, of HEC, agrees.

Caroline and Maximilian during their American years.

Caroline and Maximilian during their American years.Dr

However, once you finish school, if you want to stay in the US, you have to find a job quickly, you only have a few months… “It is a pressure of the year for those seeking! Fortunately for me, I joined the MA in August and already had my contract in September. Having Cornell on the CV was a huge plus, the university is in contact with many companies, helping to pass the first selection rounds “Explains Caroline, who has been in New York for three years, working for EY. She returned to France by choosing to work for Accenture.

Rahima, too, saw recruits’ interest in her experience across the Atlantic. “I got an internship at the OECD thanks to Columbia University, because I attended a seminar there and then was able to be recommended. Then, in every interview, I was asked about my course in it, knowing that in the field of arbitration, the teachers I have There they are very recognised. It was crucial to the start of my career.”Rahima, who is currently working in an international law firm, confirms in parallel with her training at the Bar School.

Meetings and Opportunities

Different field, same happy memory: Maximilian, Edhec graduate went to Berkeley. “It was a great opportunity, it pushed us towards entrepreneurship, to try a lot of projects, without judging them for failure. This is how I started my startup, Boomerang Recommerce, to help clothing brands integrate used products. It didn’t work because The health crisis, but it was a good experience”, He says. Soon the young graduate regained his activity, finding a position as chief marketing officer at a startup industrial company, still in California. Thanks to the meeting in Berkeley, there is also.

Ayoub can also attest to this… As a student at Isae-Supaero, he chose the University of Michigan (Top 30 in Shanghai Ranking, 6 in Aeronautical Engineering). Once there, he is excited about a course dedicated to flows in aeronautics and space and exchanges with the professor. This, highly recognized in the field, becomes his thesis director. “A year later, I wanted to change the subject, he put me in touch with a collaborator who works at NASA. It was a great opportunity, much simpler than it was from France »Ayoub, estimated, is currently a postdoc at NASA’s Ames Research Center. In other words, a good start to a career!

What about summer camps?

Many American universities offer summer camps on their campuses. The opportunity for all those who do not have such partnerships within the faculty or their school to discover it during their school holidays.

Harvard, for example, offers three- to seven-week courses, which end with a certificate. Similarly, Stanford, Caltech, or Yale offer “summer sessions”. It will not be a real diploma in well-deserved and well-deserved form, but an opportunity to discover these universities, the appearance of one of these prestigious names in your CV …

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