Kia Niro loan at zero interest rate

ZFE interest free loan. List of eligible new vehicles

With the spread of low-emissions areas, your old car soon won’t be able to get into the city center where you go to work? To help you change vehicles, a zero loan rate has just been put in place. May be awarded from 1Verse January 2023 and up to 30 thousand euros, with a repayment period of up to seven years. It can also be used to finance the first lease as well as a long-term lease, for an amount not exceeding 10,000 euros. You will even be exempted from the file or expert fee. But this assistance, which is currently only a two-year trial, is also accompanied by numerous limitations, Like a transfer bonus. In particular, they are reserved for natural persons whose reference tax income does not exceed 14,000 euros, as well as for some small enterprises. It is also not available in all ZFEs, but only in those where air quality standards are regularly exceeded, such as metropolitan Paris, Lyon, Toulouse or Marseille.

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Plug-in hybrid or electrical imposed

Kia Niro loan at zero interest rate
If the new Niro qualifies for a zero-rate loan in the hybrid electric and 100% rechargeable version, those who prefer the simple hybrid version will have to do without it.

Finally, even if it applies to both new and used, this zero-interest loan is not intended to buy any car. In addition to the maximum weight of 2.6 tons which hardly excludes the Range Rover PHEV, it is necessary above all to respect a very low CO2 emissions threshold: 50 g/km CO2 in the WLTP cycle. Look no further, this immediately eliminates all heat engines or simple hybrids (HEVs). Thus, only 100% electric (BEV) or hybrid rechargeable (PHEV) models qualify, even if many residents of the respective EPAs do not yet have a suitable socket to easily connect their vehicle.

Selling price less than 45,000 euros

Tesla Model 3 Zero Interest Loan
A rear-wheel drive Tesla Model 3 may qualify if its price does not rise in a short time.

The selling price must also be less than 45,000 euros, in order to take advantage of the maximum environmental bonus of 6,000 euros. Forget about the idea of ​​the new Tesla Model 3, which has become very expensive since its last price increase. These criteria significantly reduce the range of possibilities. Especially since we have chosen here to abolish the trucks, which benefit from a ceiling of up to 60 thousand euros. Even without taking into account the occasion or possible discounts, there is nevertheless a fairly wide choice in the end, especially among the Koreans Hyundai and Kia. French manufacturers Citroën, DS, Peugeot and Renault also offer a fairly diverse palette. Visit our slideshow for an overview of all the new models you can consider buying with this new utility, per manufacturer.

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