Works projects: what funding is required to claim it?

Works projects: what funding is required to claim it?

How are works projects financed?

Investigation Renovations Or construction requires a large budget. Thus, to finance your business, banks offer Personal Business Loan. This consumer credit is offered when you plan to do renovations on your main residence. It concerns energy renewal, insulation, wiring and glass replacement works. Unlike loans from the state, a personal business loan can be requested to improve your home. The loan amount can be up to 75,000 euros. It is calculated according to your debt ratio and ability to repay. On the other hand, for projects that consist of owning real estate and which later require some work, mortgage offers are more suitable.

Note that if you’re already paying off balances and your monthly payments are high enough, repurchasing the balance may be the answer.

What is credit consolidation?

It can be a credit buyback solution finance your business. Also known as credit consolidation, it consists of merging all of your credits into one unit. For example, you can group business credits, consumer credits, professional credits, and private credits into a single credit. To do this, the credit agency is responsible for consolidating all of your credits and paying them back to creditors. Thus, you pay off only one loan and the credit agency becomes your only contact, making it easier to manage your account. Credit buyback also offers the possibility to reduce monthly payments by spreading them out over time. If you have business projects, some organizations offer additional funding to make it a reality.

What help can you claim?

The state provides assistance to encourage energy renewal work. For example, energy transition tax credits take the form of a 30% deduction of expenses incurred from energy renewal taxes. You can take advantage of this when buying a stove or when installing an insulation system. The value of the assistance is 8000 euros per person.

Anah also provides benefits to low-income families if they want to renovate their homes over 15 years old. The amount awarded can be up to €25,000. It is calculated according to the status of the family and the required project.

In addition, the zero-interest environmental loan was established to support the energy renewal work of the main residences. It is put up by the state, but managed by banks. This assistance allows you to request up to 30,000 euros without interest. The repayment period ranges from 3 to 10 years. You can use this balance to insulate the entire ceiling, to install renewable energy heating or to insulate at least half of the glass walls.

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