Mortgage credit, Airbnb harassment, and spousal donation in one's May summary

Mortgage credit, Airbnb harassment, and spousal donation in one’s May summary

In its May issue, Le Particulier gives you the best advice for getting a mortgage that meets your expectations. Depending on your profile, you should consider several strategies to implement your real estate project.

In its May issue, Le Particulier reviews the strategies to adopt to get, despite the context, a good mortgage.

Borrow under good conditions

After almost cloudless years, the weather is no longer good for the mortgage borrower. In recent weeks, credit rates have been up, with increases ranging between 0.10 and 0.45% depending on the institution. This phenomenon should continue and even increase by the end of the year.

The reason is known and linked to the return of inflation. With the health crisis over and the economy recovering, prices are starting to rise again. The war in Ukraine and tariff tensions over gas and oil accelerated the movement. Central banks have no choice but to raise key interest rates. The network banks are following in their footsteps by raising the rates of loans they grant to real estate buyers.

The arguments to put forward with your bank vary depending on your profile. Are you borrowing for the first time? Do you already own your main residence and want to buy more space? Do you suffer or have you suffered from a serious illness? Do you want to buy a property to rent? Each of these cases is examined by the editorial staff of Le Particulier, who advises you on the procedures to follow to obtain, at the best price, the financing you need.

Deal with the inconvenience of renting an AirBnB

Also in the contents of this issue, the editorial team devote a lengthy investigation to the harassment caused by seasonal rentals, such as Airbnb, in condominiums. Contrary to popular belief, landlords who encounter problems with these transient tenants are not powerless: they can order the trustee altogether to act against the landlords, or even take legal action. We explain how to gather evidence and assert your right to peace of mind.

Spouses: Update on Gift and Inheritance Tax

If you’re considering protecting your spouse in the event of death, or if you think you’ve already done so, don’t miss our legal analysis of spousal gifts and inheritances.

The Court of Cassation, in two recent rulings, has made several important clarifications about what can be passed on to the wife, without harming the children. Two lawyers offer their interpretations to the individual on this complex subject. Reading this article will certainly encourage you to check the wording of your last will and, if necessary, amend it to ensure your heritage goals.

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