She ended up with $80,000 in debt after the death of her mother, who was helping her pay off her school loan

She ended up with $80,000 in debt after the death of her mother, who was helping her pay off her school loan

This young graduate is surprised to discover that her student loan has doubled after her mother’s death, making it difficult to pay off.

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Much like her age, young Michelle Miller attended university. In the United States, college fees are very expensive, forcing students and sometimes their parents who help them to borrow from banks. Then, when they leave the university, the new graduates find themselves owing several thousand dollars to pay it off.

To underscore the absurdity of this system, Michelle Miller took to her Twitter account to tell her story. Michele’s education costs amounted to 30 thousand dollars (28,507 euros). In order to be exempt from part of the costs, her mother offered to compensate her half, that is, 15,000 dollars (14,253 euros), while Michele will only have to pay half (large) on her part.

But not everything went as planned. ” I found out she was in debt in 2019 when I had to help her out of a predatory refinancing scam. I asked if I could resume the loans. My very stubborn mother refused, so I gave up, but put some money into my own savings in case she ended up letting me help her. Michelle says.

Despite everything, her mother insists that she pay the 400 dollars (380 euros) owed to her daughter a month. Except that meant Michelle’s mother had to take her small salary, which put her below the poverty line.

He rejected exorbitant student fees on Twitter

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After her mother insisted on paying half the fees and freeing her daughter from debt, Michelle learned that the original $15,000 had been converted into $40,000 with interest (€38,009). Shock for the young graduate. Michelle says on Twitter that she has started saving as much as possible to pay off this new amount.

However, in the fall of 2020, Michelle’s mother became seriously ill “ The impact of failed medical care 30 years ago Unfortunately, Michelle’s mother, of her illness, died before she could even pay off her daughter’s student debt and retire, expected shortly thereafter.

After his disappearance, my good friend Dania and I reviewed his papers […]. I found his loan papers. You lied to me about it. It was $80,000 [76 019€, ndlr], not $40,000. On about $15,000 in debt “.

Michelle wanted to share her story that many other students in the US are also going through. You also want to prove that the diploma does not help free fresh graduates from the burden of debt and that they accumulate over time.

After sharing her story, Michelle found that many were going through this painful ordeal. Her story has been retweeted 14,000 times and has been liked 73,000 times on social media. Students across the Atlantic are calling for a change in their policies.

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