Comment choisir sa banque en ligne

How do you choose your online bank? – Challenges

Main account or secondary account?

The rise of online banks is mainly due to the lack of account management fees and the free savings of bank cards. In this, these new generation banks are moving away from the traditional banks that charge for these services in their standard offerings. Thus, this innovative business approach has motivated millions of French people to open a primary or secondary account in an online bank.

Opening a secondary account requires consideration of the issue of localization of income. In fact, some banks require a monthly salary to be paid into the newly opened checking account. If your salary is no longer transferred to your traditional bank, getting a mortgage from it will be much more complicated. Be careful because not all online banks offer mortgages, just as many don’t offer PEAs or securities accounts.

If your goal is to open a secondary account or a main account for a young person / student under the age of 25, you will be less sensitive to the breadth of the offer and the presence of these additional services. Prioritize the trade show. Looking for savings? Take a look at the welcome bonuses! Generally over €100. We also take the opportunity to look into cashback and voucher systems such as MyFrenchBank.

As we have seen, what distinguishes the commercial offers of online banks is the absence of account maintenance fees. But the small check is useful to avoid unpleasant surprises, and with some operators the free offer is valid according to the monthly number of operations (payment / withdrawal) that must be performed by the customer … which you will see charged at the apartment rate if the account is not active including enough.

Are you ready for a 100% non-physical offer?

most of the Online Banks It can be accessed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week because everything is generally immaterial. They have of course been keen to develop high-performance websites and applications while popularizing the electronic signature. Before choosing your online bank, you should check that the application offered is flexible and convenient because it is through it that you are likely to carry out most of your banking transactions.

However, if you need to speak to an advisor, customer services are available from Monday to Saturday noon and, as a rule, less than 5 minutes of waiting.

What about depositing checks or cash at branches? Stay as often as possible. For this type of operation, it is preferable to use online banks supported by a conventional bank such as BforBank (Crédit Agricole), Monabanq (CIC) or Hello Bank (BNP Parisbas).

Classic or premium service?

Obviously, what attracts hundreds of thousands of customers to online banks every year is access to a premium card at a lower cost. If such cards (also called prestige cards) are generally free, then the banking operator requires when opening the account a minimum amount of financial resources. According to the banks, it is necessary to calculate between 1200 and 4000 euros of monthly income for a Premier card. This card can also be loaded. For example, Orange Bank charges 7.99 euros per month, but the savings are where you least expect them, so the second card is free. Make your accounts!

When considering the options available to you, the issue of your lifestyle also seems to be a priority. Even with a premium card, we remember to check how much the withdrawal and payment limits are and if they are easy to adjust. If you travel abroad a lot, you will be vigilant about the number of free withdrawals outside the Eurozone as well as about intervention commissions. But the main point remains the issue of insurance, especially if you rent cars, go skiing or fly regularly. In the case of a car rental, the premium card makes it possible to waive a portion of the insurance provided by the rental company – because it is already covered by the card – which can result in significant savings in some countries.

Concierge services are the cake. We appreciate our ability to get to the airport lounge, book a show ticket or get your money back.

If no online bank today offers a free Visa Infinite card, they have come up with products that tend to get closer to it. This is the case with Bursurama with Visa Ultim and Visa Metal or Fortuneo cards with the World Elite Mastercard.

Our last tip: to make the right choice of online bank, take a few minutes to review the offers one last time via Online banking comparison. You ready ? 3, 2, one sign! The speed of online banks and it will take about 5 minutes to open the account.

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