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Good value-for-money analysis of the characteristics of a standard life insurance contract online from sicavonline.

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Launched in 2020 by sicavonline In partnership with Ageas FranceKompoz is a privately original life insurance policy. Investors are allowed to define three criteria themselves which have a direct impact on the pricing of his contract (i.e. the level of costs on the metrics), namely:

  • Minimum Percentage of Units of Account Abroadwhich can range freely from 0% to 100% of ports,
  • View the range of account units that can be accessedwith two worlds to invest:
    • A basic world called “Basic” Already integrated 520 traditional arithmetic units In open architecture (150 management companies), as well as 6 OPCIsAnd the
    • Expanded world called “Extended” Provide additional access to SCPIAnd the Index supports (Trackers or ETFs) and live verbs (direct address),
  • Set up (or not) scheduled payments.

The effect of each of these three parameters on billing The contract is as follows:

  • Minimum Percentage of Units of Account Overseas of the contract:
    • 30% CPU at least  0.05% fee Annual on competitions at least
    • 50% CPU at least  0.10% fee Annual on competitions at least
    • 70% CPU at least  0.15% fee Annual on competitions at least
    • 100% CPU  0.20% fee on an annual basis less distinctive
  • investment worldt in terms of arithmetic units ranges:
    • basebandBasic fees payable
    • extended range0.20% additional cost Annual fees at ports
  • Having scheduled payments:
    • No scheduled paymentsBasic fees payable
    • The presence of program payments  00.05% minus the annual fee on amounts due.

in free administration, Kompoz offers 6 completely free and highly configurable automatic arbitration options :

  • progressive investment savings from 200 euros per month,
  • Automatic rebalancing of quarterly savings Compared to a reference assignment,
  • Promote profit sharing The sum of the fund is in euros,
  • Unrealized Capital Gains Arbitration By choosing a level from +5% to +30% in 1% steps,
  • Determine capital losses in absolute termsAnd the
  • Determine capital losses in relative terms.

for memory, Sycafunline he is One of the historical and benchmark online brokers in the French market. In 2022, the platform will collect 150,000 customers and generate sales of more than 400 million euros.

The main advantages of Kompoz

  • An online life insurance contract that allows the saver to benefit from reduced fees:
    • 0% entry fee on payments,
    • 15 free online arbitrations per yearAnd the
    • Fee on amounts due between 0.45% and 0.85% Depending on the chosen service package.
  • Access within the investing world spanning a range of account units Including in addition to:
    • 11 REITsAnd the
    • 5 SCI / SC / SCPAnd the
    • 39 indicators supported (trackers or ETFs),
    • 129 live actions (live titles),
    • 1 private equity fund (FCPR).
  • The contract provides greater cost transparency than the life insurance market practice Thanks to its mechanisms for sharing additional sources of income with savers: “The higher the unit price a customer uses in their contract, the lower the costs on the payables.”
  • Accessible contract with :
    • a Minimum subscription amount reduced to 100 € if the saver has set up the scheduled payments (€ 500 otherwise),
    • a The minimum free deposit amount is 100 EURAnd the
    • Accommodation possibility Scheduled payments from 50 euros per month.
  • Free access to the euro fund of the contract (General Assets of Ageas France), knowing that the price paid (less fees and total social security contributions) was between 1.25% and 1.61% in 2021 depending on the options chosen by the client.

Kompoz main disadvantages

  • Possibility to enrich the scope of delegated management By incorporating performances from external managers, the current scope that integrates three specific departments is managed internally: Defensive, Balanced, and Offensive.
  • Relatively high bills for an optional 50+ year floor warrantywith a rate of 1.15% of equity at risk for a 60-year-old saver.
  • The contract does not offer ‘multiple pockets’which means that the entire amount due to the contract should focus on one management method at a given time, namely:
    • Either free management,
    • Either the delegated administrationAnd the
    • Either delegate the administration safety.

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