From here it all begins: What awaits you in Episode 417 for Wednesday, June 8, 2022 [SPOILERS]

From here it all begins: What awaits you in Episode 417 for Wednesday, June 8, 2022 [SPOILERS]

In the next episode of “Here It All Begins”… As Teyssier considers Chef Cardone’s proposal, Salomé confesses her feelings for Axel. At the same time, Tom has an idea to pass the exams.

Watch out, the following paragraphs contain spoilers for an episode here The whole broadcast starts tomorrow night on TF1! If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read!

Wednesday June 8 Here it all begins …

Teyssier considers Chef Cardone’s proposal

In the kitchen, Teyssier joins his children to prepare regional selections for a dessert tournament. All three know it, they are way behind the other battalions. Fortunately, Théo was able to extract some information from Célia. Emmanuel reveals to them his dessert for the creative test: it will be based on chocolate and cherries. While they were talking, Constance arrived. She is not happy to see her children getting involved in this story between her husband and her lover, but she is happy to see them participate in such a prestigious competition.

The tournament is about to begin. Chef Cardone introduces the competition terms. For the imposed test, the subject is drawn sugar. This news is far from fascinated by scribes who know the difficulty of this technique. The teams have five hours to create a large sugar sculpture inspired by the Japanese amizeku. At the end of the ad, Célia joined Théo. They tease each other about who will be the best at this event. Meanwhile, Charlene takes the opportunity to talk to Landeras. She tries to annoy him by telling him about his mother, who is clearly on his family’s side.

The Teyssier trio begins the test, they must agree on the shape of their sculptures. For Théo, already found, she would be an animal. However, Emmanuel does not see things the same way, he wants to make a sprig of cherry: a Japanese monument.

For its part, the Landiras team finishes off its visual design. They want to create a beehive. If Celia and Mehdi are super excited, Zachary is in his thoughts. He didn’t even notice that their investigation blueprint was ready. The two students worry about their teacher, who doesn’t care much.

The Teyssiers, for their part, are doing well. Despite some concerns, they began matching their pieces. The assembly process goes great until the entire structure collapses. For Emmanuel, there is no question of giving up, they will start over.

Gathering for Zachary’s group is going much better. According to Mehdi, they have plenty of time to create another bee and work on the details. Without explanation, President Cardone decided to go see the progress of their structure. When they meet again, Annabelle takes the opportunity to ask Landeras what’s going on. The chef has clearly given up on his team completely and can’t even do the right proportions. He needs to put himself together quickly if he doesn’t want to lose early. Remind him of their arrangement as well as a sign with her name waiting for her at the key.

Later, the ordeal is over and the cooks are awaiting jury deliberations. Both teams are disappointed, and the result does not live up to their expectations. Chef Cardone arrived with the jury, and deliberations were fast. Teyssier comes third with 13 points and Landiras comes first with 16.

At the end of the day, Chef Cardone finds Teyssier. It’s clear to him that Annabelle is happy with his poor results, but she tells him that’s not the case. She is so sad that he is not doing his best. For her, there is no doubt that such a bad grade is due to this school and everything he has been through in recent weeks. But if he gives up now, you tell him that they can always find excuses to cover up the issue. He would keep his position as director of the institute, however, and his reputation would be tarnished.

So Emmanuel asked him if his job offer in London was still valid, which Annabelle confirms. He would even get carte blanche there. However, if he wanted the job, he had to leave it the next day.

Salome confesses her feelings to Axel

Axel arrives for a new private lesson with Salome who is in a strangely good mood. While the student offers him to start cooking, he prefers to wait for Yasemin who has to join them soon. Axel is afraid that the class will make a mistake and they will start arguing again. Salome apologizes, she has been awful with him lately, but she makes it clear to him that she has nothing against him. The student admits to him that she is ashamed of being alone with him, because she has feelings for him. Axl doesn’t understand why he didn’t tell him this earlier, especially since he asked her the question so many times. Suddenly, Jasmine arrived and interrupted their conversation.

Later, Jasmine shows her boyfriend a new technique. The two lovebirds can’t stop laughing and aren’t the least bit worried about Salome. Once the preparation is ready, Salome shows Axel how to peel off the sole of the sole. During the demonstration, Axel was very close to Salome, and this does not fail to annoy the student who, embarrassed, decided to leave the room.

Later, Salome is in the middle of reviewing in the library. Axl arrives and wants to talk to him. She apologizes for leaving suddenly during their class. Axl does not blame her and thanks her for being honest with him. So Teyssier’s nephew decided to return the favor and also be honest by admitting to Salomé that he had feelings for her. Now he is satisfied with Yasemin and wants to stay with her. Salome totally understands, maybe things would have been different if she had confessed her feelings to him earlier.

Tom has an idea to pass the exams

Deva joins Solomon in the vegetable garden. Amber, Tom and Kelly need many herbs to repeat last year’s test recipes. Solomon tells her where to find them, but the student seems to have an idea. After some hesitation, she asks him questions about the exams and shares her fear of not passing them. According to Suleiman, Deva has no reason to be afraid because she is a good student. But Deva finds the young man’s answers very dry, and she has noticed that he has been away since his return. She tries to understand if he has a problem with her. She thinks that, despite their separation, they can be friends. But it seems that Suleiman does not share his opinion.

Later, Amber, Tom and Diva are in the kitchen. They are rehearsing for the year-end exam, but their preparations are unsuccessful. Amber asks Deva for help with her ballot papers and asks about Solomon. Deva explains to his friend that he does not want to remain friends with her and ends up missing on the ballot. The three exhausted students don’t understand why they have to work with these complicated recipes. Kelly, sitting nearby, exploded. She could no longer hear her colleagues complain about not being able to cook normally because of her ankle.

In the locker room, Amber and Tom change. When he arrived, Greg confirmed that there was a strong smell: the smell of fear of failure. He finds them much less relaxed than the day before and asks them about their preparations. Two first-year students admit to their classmates that they don’t know how to learn a lot of techniques in three weeks. Greg tells them, sarcastically, that this gives them plenty of time to prepare their redirect. Annoyed, Amber is afraid. She really doesn’t see how to get out of it, but Tom seems to have an idea.

At home, the young man prepares a schedule for passing his revisions and Kelly revises it by his side. For a student without 40 hours a day it is impossible to complete the program. Again, Kelly can’t bear to see him in such a defeatist fashion. Then Tom tells him an idea he has that can save them all. He explained to her that her mother might have been able to talk about clouds about exam subjects. But Kelly immediately stopped him: her mother could not do such a thing.

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