Here It All Begins (TF1) In Advance: Wednesday, June 8th Episode Summary... SPOILERS

Here It All Begins (TF1) In Advance: Wednesday, June 8th Episode Summary… SPOILERS

based on war

Emmanuel Tessier, the last-minute candidate for the regional pastry competition, knows he has to work hard to catch up with his competitors who have been preparing their recipes for several days. He motivates his children who have agreed to work as his writer. Constance visits them and tells them that although she is not happy that he has taken their children on this adventure, she is touched to see them bonding. Zacharie Landiras sees this affectionate family reunion and is speechless when he discovers that Constance preferred to support his family from him. Charlene sees him and smiles.

While working in the soil in the garden, Solomon met Deva, who is looking for aromatic herbs. He’s still too cold with her as she tries to rekindle their former bond. Faced with his behavior, I asked him what I had done wrong so that he was so far away. He denies avoiding it and indicates his desire to move on. She agrees but adds that they could be friends. But Suleiman surprises her by saying that they were never friends and that he doesn’t want to try to be now.

Axel arrived late at Salome. He is surprised to see her more relaxed than the previous days. She apologizes for her behavior and admits that she was unbearable with him. She tells him that she has nothing against him and admits that spending time with him embarrasses him because she still has feelings for him since the party even though she swore to him otherwise. She told him she lied because she didn’t suppose. He remained speechless and told her he needed time. They were interrupted by Jasmine who had arrived to attend their training session. As she was demonstrating how to cut a filet mignon, Axel moved a little closer to Salome. Annoyed, she pretends to feel bad and leaves the room.

forbidden suggestion

Amber, Tom, Deva, and Kelly attempt to recreate the recipe given in their first year exam the previous year. But he failed miserably. When she hears her companions’ complaints, Kelly gets upset and reminds them that at least they can work standing up and not in a chair. In the kitchen, Deva tells Amber about her conversation with Solomon. She is upset with his reaction and thinks that he is no longer interested in her. For Amber on the contrary, he acts like this because he is unhappy.

Rose begins the contest. The first test is to imagine a sculpture inspired by the ancient Japanese art of sugar being pulled out in just 5 hours. When Charlene asks him about his stress level, Landeras doesn’t hide from her that he leaves him confident because he’s traveled a lot in Japan. To destabilize him, Emmanuel’s daughter indicates to him that he no longer has the support of Constance over whom he preferred his family.

Greg continues to play with the nerves of first graderstime general. By meeting Amber and Tom in the locker room, he mocks their stress level and failure in the kitchen. Announce to them that they still have time to change career paths before leaving. Amber gets sad and wonders how to pass the exam. Tom announces to him that he has an idea. When discussing his revision schedule with Kelly a little later, he suggested asking his mother, LaĆ«titia, to find out the content of the auditions from Guillaume. Despite Tom’s strong insistence, she refuses and reminds him that she has already come close to being fired because of this story.

Emmanuel ready to surrender?

For his challenge, Teyssier decided to raise the bar very high by trying to reproduce a cherry blossom. A challenge too ambitious for his children who blame him for thinking only of his ego. Annoyed by Charlene’s words, Landeras heads elsewhere in a complete ordeal that begins to annoy Mehdi and Celia. Chef Cardone, who comes to listen to him, realizes this and asks him to gather himself, reminding him of the deal signed between them and the possibility of Tessier leaving for London, which will leave him room with Constance. On the part of Emmanuel, nothing is going well. Its beautiful structure collapsed once it was assembled and he decided to hastily redo everything but in a simpler way.

The results are final. Teyssier finished 3rd out of 5, well ahead of his rival. After this disappointment, President Cardone Tessier is cheerful and explains to him that everything is connected with the school and the fact that he is still very close to his wife’s lover. She advises him to surrender to protect his reputation and not be humiliated by Landeras. Offers coverage of his abandonment and reminds him that he can take the job in London if he withdraws from the competition. A suggestion Emmanuel begins to think of. Axl, for his part, found Saloma in the library. He returns to the declaration of love that bothered him. He confesses to her that he also felt things for her but makes it clear to her that now he is fine with Jasmine. He scolds her for not breaking the silence sooner. He offers her to stop training at three so she won’t feel uncomfortable, but she refuses and assures him that she will be able to manage.

This episode ofHere it all begins It can be seen Wednesday at 6:30 p.m. on TF1.

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