John Anik breaks UFC 275 title between Glover Teixeira and Jiri Prochazka - MMA Fighting 'Strong Like a Bull'

John Anik breaks UFC 275 title between Glover Teixeira and Jiri Prochazka – MMA Fighting ‘Strong Like a Bull’

Jon Anik gets a glimpse into Glover Teixeira’s mindset – and to say the champ is ready to challenge the chaotic Jiri Prochazka is an understatement.

The UFC 275 Light Heavyweight Championship match takes place on Saturday in Singapore. Anik, who is calling for action alongside former UFC champ Daniel Cormier and Michael Bisping, recently spent time with light heavyweight champion Teixeira, and there’s just something about this particular rivalry that makes the wrestling legend in submission as excited as possible, on the Despite many fans and bookies who have suggested Teixeira just grab the belt for Prochazka’s potential coronation glory.

“I think it’s hard because when a 42-year-old gets hit it usually looks different than when a 26-year-old hits,” Annick told MMA Fighting. “I was just in Connecticut with Glover Teixeira last month, and man, he’s good to go now. He looks as tough as a bull, and couldn’t look any healthier, just so excited to be a champ and this fight. I don’t expect there to be all That time, and it makes sense, given the Prochazka rifles at his feet, that Glover Teixeira can be fired in two minutes, and I don’t know if Glover would be completely surprised by this. The result is because Glover knows how to mitigate risks, but is willing to take risks sometimes to get things done.

“He’s willing, if he loses, to be knocked out and slashed on his shield, which isn’t necessarily something you can say about all these fighters. Stylistically, it’s really cool to see what he can do. His confidence in a submission grappling game is so strong that there’s going to be this kind of tension building. If this fight moves to the mat, there will definitely be some mobility in there, but Glover hit Jan Blachovich really hard with his left hand and that was kind of the beginning of the end for Jan, so I think Glover has great confidence in his strength and conditioning, in and of itself strength, but I think it’s It’s very clear where these two want to fight respectfully.

Teixeira clinched the title with his dominant second-round submission from Jan Blachovich at UFC 267 last October, extending his impressive winning streak to six fights.

Prochazka, the former RIZIN champion, is 2-0 in the UFC with two devastating finishes from Volkan Oezdemir and Dominick Reyes. In that last fight in May 2021, Reyes battled Prochazka on points, even taking a full prize in the second round, before Prochazka fired a rotating back elbow that ended the fight.

If Teixeira finds himself in such a privileged position on Saturday, the champ will have a good chance of ending the fight – although Annick believes, like most people, that Prochazka worked tirelessly to ensure that didn’t happen.

“I try not to be predictive because I’m already talking about fights, but I think developmentally speaking, Jerry Prochaska, knowing that’s going to be the kind of challenge he’s going to have to take on, is going to be better in theory than it was,” said Annick. Glover is very accurate on the field, and there are levels of game in MMA as my broadcast partners often say, but I also appreciate Prochazka’s brilliance.

“There are guys on his Wikipedia page that you can’t click on, but there are also Olympic gold medalists in judo and other names, but I think Prochazka’s work has been greatly underestimated. I think he is ready, he is fundamental, I think there was a reason for being a substitute [for UFC 267]. I think he’d be a great UFC champion, aesthetically off the charts in terms of style, his collective appeal, so I’m excited to see what he does with the opportunity. But if I were Jerry and could somehow pick a guy out of my bracket, I probably wouldn’t pick Glover Teixeira, even though he’s 42 years old.

If Prochazka is successful on Saturday, he will become the UFC Champion in only his third promotion fight. Seeing the fighters stand out immediately after joining the UFC as stars of other promotions like Anderson Silva wouldn’t be anything new, but it would be incredibly impressive in the eyes of a longtime play-by-play sound. Date.

“Brock Lesnar was so inexperienced and things happened so quickly for him in the UFC, I think his work is pretty much underrated when you look at his victories over Randy Couture and Shane Carwin,” Annick explained. “But, man, I’m just looking at Jerry’s experience and I don’t know why he wasn’t in the UFC earlier, but why it happened is amazing at the time.

“Overall, I think he deserves to be a favorite 2-to-1 and get into this fight at the right time. I sometimes feel that quick finishing touches can leave you a little to figure out, but I think we’re all fascinated by Jiri Prochazka, and I don’t think they’d cut his hair before a fight. “.

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