Inflation check: for whom?  What are the conditions?

Inflation check: for whom? What are the conditions?

Inflation check: for whom?  What are the conditions?

Food examination. The government has announced more modest financial aid payments, in order to bolster their purchasing power. The outline is still not clear.

[Mise à jour du jeudi  09 juin 2022 à 11h30] It’s official: the aid will be paid at the beginning of the school year all at once. Asked after Cabinet on Wednesday, government spokeswoman Olivia Gregoire said this measure would be brought to Parliament, via the Purchasing Power Act, and incorporated into PLF2023. “In the event of an emergency, with inflation, the assistance will be paid directly to the bank account, at once, taking into account the number of children in the family naturally,” Prime Minister Elisabeth Terminal of France Bleu said at the beginning of the week. She added that a “reflection” would then be launched on “a device directed to allow all French people access to high-quality and organic products.” But what exactly do we know about this September paid aid? Here’s what to remember:

  • Who will benefit from the inflation allowance? It is aimed at the humblest. However, the terms of the scholarship have not yet been determined. At the moment, it is not known whether the reference tax income will be taken into account, or whether the device is intended for recipients of certain social benefits, such as RSA.
  • What is the amount of this new inflation check? Between 100 and 150 euros, “the amount of the new inflation check will be determined as of this summer,” Bruno Le Maire noted.“We have not yet defined all the criteria, I think it would be appropriate to focus on the most modest families, those who are already having a hard time eating properly,” the economy minister said.
  • When will it be paid? At the moment, the payment date is still unclear, and the executive has only indicated that it will be in September.
  • What are the steps to benefit from the inflation allowance? At this point, modalities have not yet been determined.
  • What will be the terms of payment? The government explained that the payment will be made to the beneficiary’s bank account, without further details.

So the government abandons the immediate establishment of a food voucher dedicated to the purchase of high-quality food products in short circuits. The main difficulty is to target more French agricultural products. Bruno Le Maire argued: “Giving public money to pay for food products that were made outside France and that would go to producers outside France, that doesn’t interest me much. The reasoning, c is that our citizens can eat well and also this can benefit French producers.” Today we haven’t solved the problem.”

These statements came to confirm what Emmanuel Macron said last week. This food check should be simple. The idea is that it be paid in one go,” the President of the Republic stated in an interview with the regional press. The food check is a device that has since been announced mid december 2020 by Emmanuel Macron. It was brought up by citizens in the Citizens Climate Agreement and taken up by the President. This measure was finally adopted under the Climate and Adaptation Act, which was voted on July 2021. The food voucher must be promoting local produce.

What are the terms of the food voucher? Whose ?

food check financial aid Designed for families the most humble. These families must be able toAccess to local and quality products. It should be related to food inspection.”More than 8 million French“According to Julien Denormandy, Minister of Agriculture and Food, guest of the Dimanche en politique program in France 3 on April 17. At the moment, the conditions for the allocation of the food voucher are still unclear. However, several of the mentioned methods have already been implemented: the cap on financial resources, the constitution The family, etc. The Minister of Agriculture is more inclined towards him Assistance for young people and low-income families. The food voucher must be presented in the form of a check or card for a certain amount available on a monthly basis.

What is the food voucher payment date? till when ?

Food voucher creation announced in a month December 2020 During the coronavirus health crisis. Emmanuel Macron made this declaration before the Citizen’s Climate Agreement. The implementation of the food voucher was discussed, and then voted on in Parliament in a month July 2021. The food voucher has been permanently approved on Climate law and adaptability. As the measure has not yet been brought, in its terms, to a vote of Parliament, the date of payment of the food check is not yet known.

Who will distribute the food voucher: CAF or CCAS?

Distribution terms are not yet known. The organization responsible for distributing the food checks was not disclosed. Some avenues have already been mentioned by the government, in order to Getting ready to go In the event that Emmanuel Macron is re-elected for a second term.

When the device was voted on in Parliament, the Ministry of Economy, Bruno Le Maire, raised the possibility Entrust the distribution of food check In community social work centers (CCAS). The latter is already playing a decisive role with the most vulnerable families. Thanks to the Community Centers for Social Work, the government can allow access to food voucher More than 5 million beneficiaries. The citizens who make up the citizens’ agreement also mentioned this path. Municipal social work centers offer several types of social benefits to the poorest families, in the form of in-kind or financial assistance.

The Caisse d’Allocations Families (CAF) will likely not be required to distribute the food voucher. In fact, Caisse d’Allocations Familiales does not distribute food aid on a national scale. Only some family allowance funds can be created Local Food Aid Plans. It is recommended that you contact your nearest fund to find out more about the food assistance available depending on your financial resources and family situation.

Is the food voucher for retirees?

Food screening should target the most humble families who find it difficult to buy fresh fruit and vegetables. Therefore, retirees with lower incomes should be able to Take advantage of the food voucher whose amount has not yet been disclosed.

The terms of the award were not disclosed by the government. At the moment, potential beneficiaries cannot take all the necessary steps because we do not yet know which organization will do so food inspection distribution for the poorest families. In addition, Emmanuel Macron’s government has not yet revealed what “model” the food check will take: bank transfer, check or payment card.

It will be necessary to wait for the bill to be introduced – after the legislative elections – to find out all the details regarding food inspection and Steps to get it.

What is the value of the food voucher?

Food inspection has not been implemented by the government. Not all conditions regarding the food inspection amount have been disclosed yet. However, some tracks have already been mentioned by some of the elected representatives of the majority such as Mounir Mahjoubi, the deputy of the republic. The elected representative will provide a food voucher, the amount of which will be included Between 30 and 60 euros per month and for each family. A few weeks later, Julian Dinormandy – Minister of Agriculture – presented an amount of 50 euro for a food voucher. However, the amount should be fixed about 60 EURfor envelope 4 to 6 billion euros in cost for the state.

This financial assistance should also enable help pay up to farmers 85% of the total amount of the food voucher.

Where do you use the food voucher?

Terms of use of the food voucher are unknown. Emmanuel Macron announced its founding Before the end of 2022 If re-elected for a second term. According to Julian Denormandy – Minister of Agriculture and Food – the food voucher should allow the poorest French familiesAccess to “high quality fresh and local produce”. The food voucher must allow its recipients to purchase virtuous products, defined by the Egalim Law, that is, products of fresh quality – organic or labeled – with priority given to fruits and vegetables.

Eligible places to pay by food inspection are not yet known.

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