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Monabanq: The interest rate has been raised to 2% for the online bank ledger

For three months, Monabanq raised the rate for the savings account named after him to 2%. Here are the conditions to take advantage of this safe and unlimited investment.

Crdit Mutuel-CIC Group’s electronic bank puts the savings account in the spotlight by increasing its price, Which ranges from 0.10% to 2% for three months For any opening carried out before July 31, 2022. During these three months, the money paid by the savers will be compensated by 2% of the total within the amount of 50,000 euros deposited. Above this limit, deposits will earn interest at the standard rate.

The first brochure feed must also be made before July 31, 2022, and this promotion is limited to one opening per customer. In addition, people who already have a savings account from your bank cannot take advantage of it. Finally, this savings product is not It can only be accessed as long as you have a current account with youbecause the ledger can only be supplied from this account.

Open your account

The Manabang Savings Account is a tax account Opening, managing and closing is completely free. It is only necessary to deposit the first 10€ to open it, no cap is imposed. Amounts are available at any time, and can be withdrawn easily at any time, thanks to the non-physical management. The money must pass through the saver’s Monabanq checking account, whether to add to a savings account or to withdraw.

Manabank Account Offers

To be able to take advantage of the Menabang Savings Account and its subsidized rate, you must have an account with Internet Banking. If you don’t have one, you can unlock it for free, and even Receive a welcome bonus Pay your contribution for a year. In fact, whatever formula is chosen from Pratiq, Pratiq +, Uniq and Uniq +, Your office pays the subscription every month for a yearwithin 80 euros.

And that’s not all: if you choose the Visa Premier or Platinum card, instead of the Visa Classic card provided by default with all formats, Monabanq also pays a bonus of €40. This will terminate on the 16th of the month following card activation, and no later than November 16, 2022.

bank fees : above Save €259 Thanks to our comparison

All account offers offered by Monabanq are Accessible to everyone without income, saving or payment terms. No need to localize your income. Depending on the format and card chosen, the monthly price can go 2 euros for Pratiq with Visa Classic, 18 euros for Uniq + with Visa Platinum. Each offer includes at least one bank account with a Visa Classic card, which can be managed and controlled from the Internet and a dedicated app, Free and unlimited payments and withdrawals in the EurozoneDeposit checks for free at CM-CIC ATMs.

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