Strasbourg countryside.  The third Kochersberg real estate fair is taking place this weekend in Truchtersheim

Strasbourg countryside. The third Kochersberg real estate fair is taking place this weekend in Truchtersheim

For those who have a real estate project in the countryside, but near Strasbourg, all interlocutors will be present in the same place: developers, real estate agents, notaries, wealth management consultants, builders, insurance companies, banks. Conferences, led by seasoned experts, are presented throughout the duration of the presentation (See the program at

“It calms down in terms of prices, but it is more difficult to get credit”

show organizers (DNA And the Alsace and Ebra Events and Ebra Médias Alsace) once again on the presence of Mathieu Beyer, Alsatian real estate specialist and one of the hosts of the “Recherche appartement ou maison” on the M6. He will share his tips and good plans with everyone who is looking for the perfect property.

As the head of a real estate agency in Wolfsheim, he doesn’t even show a third of the properties for sale on his site but rather shows directly to clients who contact him. ” yesterday (This Tuesday, June 7th) I have sold two properties that are not listed on the site. »

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Matthew Baer, ​​on the other hand, notes that the market has calmed down after the post-Covid frenzy. Today, getting loans from banks is becoming more and more difficult. Rates have also gone up in a few months. It is necessary to have more personal contribution and a maximum of 35% debt must be respected. »

Today, he has to organize more visits before selling the property, “People hesitate more before buying. Then it calms down at the price level. We will go back to something more standard.”

According to him, the war in Ukraine is also affecting this sector. It is a general economic concern. »

Saturday 11 and Sunday 12 June. Estate fair, Saturday 10am-6pm and Sunday 10am-5pm, at Espace Terminus, 20A rue de la Gare, in Truchtersheim. free entry. All information and program on the website: www.

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