Tour de France: The management is ready!

Tour de France: The management is ready!

Department Head Jean-Pierre Barbier and Tour de France Director Christian Prudhomme symbolically set the starting line for stage 13 of the Tour de France this morning, in the presence of the Mayor of Port-de-Oisan and the President. Communal Society, Guy Ferney, and Mayor of Alpes de Huys, Jean-Yves Noirey.
If stage 13 starts from the Bourg d’Oisans on July 15, the day before, National Day, will end at the top of the Alpe d’Huez, thus celebrating the 70th anniversary of the arrival of the first round at the Alpe d’ Boo. What are the symbols of the legendary race that will finally resume its usual course this year after two years of a health crisis!

On the D-38 of the Tour de France pass in Isere, the occasion had to be celebrated! The administration of Isère, with the municipalities of Bourg d’Oisans and Alpe d’Huez, did not miss the opportunity to give a taste of the celebration at the end of the legendary race: the tracking symbol for the starting line, the unveiling of the kilometer mark in the colors of the Tour de France, the opening of the photographic exhibition ‘Le Bourg d’ Oisans and the Tour” in the gardens of the home of Ecrins National Park, launch of volume 3 of the book Glénat dedicated to Alpes de Oise, in the presence of Jacques Glinat, symbolic departure of cyclists from the UC Oisans Club and short vintage bike tours of the Oisans Vélo Vintage Association …

Isère, ready for Grande Boucle

In Isere, the tour will pass through 22 municipalities for the two stages from 14 and 15 July, which means covering 154.35 km. For management, the challenge is not small. The hard points have been identified and will be protected by approximately 600 bales of straw or red and white plastic beacons.

At the peak of mobilization, the management system will include between 100 and 120 agents who will ensure that We offer the best course conditions(e) For both runners and spectators. Nearly 170 dashboards will also be installed along our roads to inform users of the event’s progress.

The Ministry has pledged €60,000 to support the municipalities of Alpes d’Huez and Bourg Austin. As a reminder, the entry ticket for the local authorities is worth at least 80,000 euros for the city of departure and 120 thousand euros for the city of arrival.

The Tour will take place in Isere on July 14-15, and the Department is proud to host this world-class sporting event that highlights France and its territories! The management, together with the Tour de France and the municipalities, is committed to ensuring that everything is ready because the legendary Grande Boucle is a unifying sporting event and a great show for Isère with, for example, 35 million viewers in 190 countries. Not to mention the immediate benefits of the territory with its Tour caravan of nearly 2,000 people and the tourists drawn by the Tour de France numbering in the hundreds of thousands on the roadsides. The department loves the tour! “,” confirms Jean-Pierre Barbier, head of the department.

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