Why Take Expat Health Insurance for Thailand?

Why Take Expat Health Insurance for Thailand?

The Land of Smiles attracts you and have you decided or are you planning to go and live there?

Knowing how to get treatment, how Thailand’s health system works, healthcare prices…is essential when you want to settle in a country. In fact, remember to have reliable protection adapted to expatriates.

Focus on the Thai health system

Thailand’s healthcare system ranks highly in global healthcare rankings. Thailand has even become a desirable destination for medical tourism.

comprehensive health insurance systemUCS: Universal Coverage SchemeIt provides free public health services through the Ministry of Public Health. However, if you are affiliated with the public health system, you cannot go to any hospital (except for emergencies), you will have to go to the public health center you belong to. Where waiting times are much longer which is not the case in the private sector…

Inequality between the public and private sectors in Thailand

The Thai health system is mainly based on the division between public hospitals and private hospitals. Access to health care is guaranteed to every citizen. However, there is a disparity between these two sectors. In fact, prices are low in the public sector and doctors are well trained, but waiting times before treatment can be very long. Also, you cannot choose your doctor.

Bangkok Hospital
Most of the tourists prefer local private hospitals whose doctors and surgeons have been trained in the United States and Europe, such as Bangkok Hospital here.

Conversely, private hospitals are less overcrowded and better equipped. However, the rates are unregulated and are much higher than in the public.

Is it mandatory to have health insurance in Thailand?

Depending on the applicable legislation and your condition, you will be obligated to benefit from health insurance. If you operate locally, you will be liable to pay a tax or fine if you are denied local coverage. This is the case, for example, in Switzerland, the United States, France or even Thailand.

Please note that this local coverage must be supplemented by private health insurance because guarantees are insufficient, reimbursement ceilings are low, and access to care is limited to public hospitals with very long waiting times.

In fact, getting an international health insurance for Thailand may not be mandatory. However, if you want to take advantage of the best healthcare in the country without waiting for months or breaking the bank, it is essential to get Expatriate Health Insurance.

International health insurance is the best option to compensate for what is not covered by domestic insurance.

Compulsory health insurance for OA visa in Thailand

The OA visa is for retirees, aged 50 or over, who wish to settle in Thailand for one year, renewable.

Thailand requires nonimmigrant OA visa applicants to have private health insurance. The law requires the visa applicant to have at least health insurance:

  • 40,000 baht for external consulting
  • 400,000 baht for inpatient medical expenses

The health insurance contract must be terminated for a period not less than that of the visa.

Advantages of international health insurance in Thailand

  • By taking advantage of private health insurance, you can be treated in a public hospital as well as in a private hospital;
  • You benefit from better reimbursement processes for your care in the private sector;
  • You will be covered not only in Thailand but all over the world. Whether you are returning home or going on vacation, you are covered;
  • International Health Insurance is the best insurance plan for expats who want a wider range of health insurance and tend to travel a lot. If you decide to move to another country, you will obviously not keep your local Thai health insurance. On the other hand, Expatriate Health Insurance follows you everywhere.

Thailand is one of the leading destinations for medical tourism in Asia. The country is distinguished by the quality of its infrastructure, as well as its highly qualified doctors. However, if you have to undergo major surgery or be hospitalized, prices can rise quickly.

The solution to avoid spending sky-highs is to get Thailand insurance, which will cover the vast majority or even all of your medical expenses (it depends on the contract you have).

Mondassur offers you Gold Expat International Health Insurance, with different formulas to meet all budgets.

Leave with peace of mind with Mondassur!

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