“Without rap, I would definitely have been a consultant”: Mehdi Maizi (Apple Music France) tells his story

“Without rap, I would definitely have been a consultant”: Mehdi Maizi (Apple Music France) tells his story

painting – Before becoming one of the most influential rap professionals, Mehdi Maizi, who is responsible for hip-hop content at Apple Music France, went through a preparatory period before joining Skema, a business school.

The entrance to the French offices of the Apple brand must remain a secret. Nothing but a Haussmannian building on the Champs-Elysees with polished doors and no plaque or emblem. At the end of a corridor with walls covered with a spout of fresh paint, Mehdi Maizy “discusses” with the greatest French urban artists: Alonzo, Wald, Jazzy Paz, Orlsan … Mr. Morale and Big SteppersIt is Kendrick Lamar’s latest album, filmed at the Parisian Apple Music studio where he receives the rap specialist.

Mehdi Maizy and Orelsan, at Apple Music France studio in Paris.

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Mehdi Maizy, 36, has been the “Head of Hip-Hop” at Apple Music France since 2020. A gigantic business: it’s the most consumed music in France, especially for 15-24 year olds. Don’t listen to everything “It is impossible”. For insiders (more than 500,000 subscribers on her Twitter, Instagram and Youtube accounts), the unpleasant impression of being in a video is great. Responsible for the American company of all things French rap, his cute face and laughing eyes embody all the content: interviews, playlists, partnerships with artists (like Damsaw) and production companies. Hence Multicap. “Without rap, I would definitely be a counselor”before telling us about his journey.

Literary lover of history

As a child, he dreamed of being an enterprising archaeologist, Indiana Jones, who exhausted his smile with a cousin he found in France. In 2000, his family left Algeria in the middle of the black decade – a civil war that pitted the government against Islamist groups – while his father, a news presenter and “Hence the code of the applicable system”, threatened with death. The family joins relatives in Oise and his mother, who is a doctor, becomes a nurse. His parents divorced when he was eight years old. At the same age, this only son, “good pupil” With trifocal glasses he loves school and is fascinated by history.

“Preparation frames me and I needed it. I wasn’t ready for college, to be on my own, I could have absorbed.”Mehdi Maïzi, Head of Hip Hop at Apple Music France

To reassure his mother, the former host of “Rap Jeu” passed his baccalaureate at Marie Curie High School in Nogent-sur-Oise, in the Paris region, which offered only the science section. “At the time when we were a little coordinated, the good students went to the S. So did the S, when I was a literary person.” Dreaming of writing a staggered script Quantum CodeAnd the endless day And the Angry. “I never wrote it”He is joking with his laughter. Negative opinions gleaned from the Internet were accepted into business school after the baccalaureate, and she discourages his mother from allowing her son to study there. In August, I called middle school to find me a place.He remembers. Mellon trend – “For me, it was like Paris” – and Jacques-Amute High School. “Preparation frames me and I needed it. I wasn’t ready for college, to be on my own, I could have been so absorbed in it”, explains the person who remembers that he got a 6/20 on his first DS for Math. laughing, almost shocked: “The teacher told me it’s encouraging…”

At the end of the competitions, he joined ESC Lille and graduated in 2010, a year after the school switched to Skema, as a result of the merger with Ceram. The time of his first evenings, while techno and David Guetta ruled. If he hates “Sister species in the United States are low-cost”But Mehdi is involved in university life. Especially on FM’US Radio where he told his first rap stories.

rapper rap

Because rap stings him. the first “slap” Breath at 14 o’clock: “Changes,” by Tupac, in Colo. “When I go back to France, I tell myself that I should care about this music. I collect without consistency, I buy a lot of CDs, all my money goes there »remembers this glitch on the phone. “I loved the rap music for the scripts”This dad philosophizes to his one-year-old daughter by looking at the ceiling for his rap gods and the years their albums have been released. Today, gender is defined as “Progressive, meaning it is constantly evolving”. “I had bulimia to know everything, which is impossible. In fact, I felt like I was converting to religion and went a lot on forums. Internet kid, Omelette Sandwich, launched his first reference blog on outdated free from MC Solar, “Theatrical Journalist” And crossed the Rubicon while he was studying: he applied to Abcdr du Son, a web magazine created in 2000. “I wanted to be there”This rap junkie remembers this. His first interview was with Danny Dunn, an artist he adores.

“I was suffering from bulimia to know all about rap, which is not possible. In fact, I felt like I was converting to a religion.”Mehdi Maïzi, Head of Hip Hop at Apple Music France

His amazing journey – his favorite word – then between internships – as in Ernst & Young – and his passion. He is an official at OKLM Radio, founded by Booba, and joins Deezer and Binge Audio before hosting programs for Redbull, among others, as of 2019. “He’s always done a lot more than others”, Roman Manirampa, an artist development consultant and Thorver, like his friend, trusts Hamza El Belgian. Did her thin hair hold him back on her tongue? He opens his eyes wide. and scavenge: “No, that wasn’t a problem for me.”“You have to be Jay-Z.”Repeats in wills Mahdi Al-Muaizi. Translation: to be the best.

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