WSBK Team: Without MotoGP this weekend, Fabio Quartararo and his teammates will see their Superbike at Misano – Paddock GP

This weekend there will certainly be no Grand Prix to cheer our cathodic moments, but there will still be fun to watch and a whole host of reasons to shake up since WSBK resumes hostilities in Misano. A spectacle, you can imagine, MotoGP riders who make no secret of their passion for this class are delighted as three teammates, Jonathan Rea with Kawasaki, Toprak Razgatligo on the Yamaha handlebar and Alvaro Bautista of Ducati tear themselves apart in an indecisive title race…

The first three rounds of the 2022 MotoGP World Championships presented a spectacular spectacle with fights on the last lap, and clashes between the contenders. Alvaro Bautista ( Racing – Ducati), Jonathan Ria (Kawasaki Racing Team WorldSBK) and Toprak Razgatlioglu (Bata Yamaha and Brixx WorldSBK) They compete in a fierce battle. A game that gets all the attention of MotoGP riders who won’t fail to follow a meeting misano at the end of this week.

The person who will have plenty of time to watch the action from his sofa is A Marc Marquezwho recently had a lobotomy on his right arm and is still thinking about an event that inevitably brought back memories…this is the amazing recovery of Razgatlioglu in Estoril. ” I was sitting on my couch watching the race, and immediately got up! When I saw catching up, it was a great show, catching up was really hard. It’s really a slow uphill corner with some wet spots. Toprak’s way of riding is different. It’s an interesting thing. What Jonathan, Alvaro and Toprak do at WorldSBK is a great show of horse riding. I respect them so much I watch all the races because it’s so much fun. »

Fabio Quartaro: I tell all fans to watch this WSBK tournament

Jack Miller Another protagonist is sensitive to the scene offered by the system that pits the motorcycles of the series against each other: ” It’s incredible. I watched all three races. Each race has a little something to offer, with Johnny and Toprak fighting and then Alvaro overtaking them all. It was awesome. Of course, the Toprak’s catch at Estoril’s Superpole is probably the best I’ve seen so far. Johnny’s Race 2 was amazing. The man gave everything he had and won. It was an incredible performance. You can see he gave it his all, especially in the last corner. It’s impressive to see WorldSBK in good health and amazing to see these three guys at the top. »

MotoGP champion Fabio Quartararo, who currently leads the overall standings, will not be outdone: I this tournament. I love him so much. Catching the front end of the Toprak was really crazy, and I really liked it. I hope it continues like this all season. I know it’s going to be stressful for them, but it’s cool and I think it’s going to be a lot of fun for them All I tell the fans to watch this tournament. »

When I’m at home I always try to watch all the races ‘, he explains from his side Alex Marquez. “I think Bautista’s return to Ducati has been really great and he has made a good choice to be there and fight for the title again. I think it’s really very open to you having another alternative after Toprak and Jonathan. I really like seeing the Toprak brake and also Jonathan because they always brake late, which is always very nice. When he’s really close like that, every detail matters. Alvaro’s speed is now a little higher, but he has more than Toprak and Jonathan. I think Jonathan has the experience to win the title again. »

I think the focus is on Toprak and Rea and I think Bautista is quietly scoring a lot of points and leading the tournament‘, ends by his side Paul Espargaro. “A lot of people might have thought, at the beginning of the year, that he was really old, but he looks very fit, very focused, very focused. I think he is in one of the best moments of his career and has the potential to win the championship. I really like Bautista. I am one of his close friends. it is very interesting. I’d love to see the fights between Toprak and Rea, but I think Bautista will be there all year long and there are many more we’ll seeIt will be to see this weekend with a tour misano.

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