Hans Cornelis is ready to write a success story with Lokeren-Temse: "I have complete confidence in the current collection"

Hans Cornelis is ready to write a success story with Lokeren-Temse: “I have complete confidence in the current collection”

Last season, Lokeren-Temse failed to move up to National Level 1. Consequently, the ambitious Flemish club will play again in the D2 Amateurs next season. With Hans Cornelis, the team recently introduced the new T1.

Hans Cornelis (39) has played less than 400 matches at the highest level with Club Brugge, Racing Genk and Circle. In recent years, Cornelis has become acquainted with the coaching career at Zwevezele. Next season it will be Lokeren-Temse’s T1.

“The reason I left is very clear,” Cornelis told us. β€œI had no desire to finish as high as possible with Zwevezele, knowing that an upgrade would not be possible anyway. In cooperation with the municipality, the club introduced a bill to meet National 1 licensing terms and the municipality did not want to contribute to the costs of the stands and lighting … As a result, the club decided not to apply for a license. The time “, says Cornelis.

Cornelis was looking for an ambitious club and found it with Lokeren-Temse. “Either I chose to increase strength in the name of T2, or I went in search of a club that is very ambitious and ready to write a success story. Like Lokeren-Temse. Climbing to National 1 is the goal of Lokeren-Temse.”

Meanwhile, Lokeren-Temse has already registered nine signings for next season. The most striking name is Alex Maes, who has shown great things in the past with Beerschot, among others. β€œAll these transfers were done before my appointment. It is now up to the staff to do the assessments. While preparing, we will see how the players act with my principles, and then we will see where we can use the reinforcements. For now, I have complete confidence in the current team.” .

Lokeren-Temse is yearning for stability after facing three coaches last season. “As a player and coach, I’ve proven that I’m not someone who travels here and there. The goal is to build something here, with the success we hope for,” concludes Hans Cornelis.

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