In Louviers, a social garage to fix your car at a lower cost (27)

In Louviers, a social garage to fix your car at a lower cost (27)

“this project The Social Garage was born a little over five years ago, from a reflection of the Seine-Eure agglomeration community wanting to better respond to the difficulties of mobility, marked in the region, by its geographical but also psychological dimensions. “,” Explains Ann Terlise, Vice President of Community, Responsible for Sustainable Transitions – City Policies – Housing. “In 2017, we commissioned the initiative factory, led by the Regional Social Enterprise Development Agency and symbiosisto work on these issues. The problem seemed really big to us, especially since the conglomerate may be economically rich, but the jobs are of little use to its residents – the unemployment rate there is about 16%. »

From this study, the idea of ​​creating a solidarity garage arose, and soon two association representatives showed an interest in developing the project: Ifair (Insertion Formation Animation Individualisée pour Réussir), based in the Louvre, and Solidarauto, which has a Solidarity garage in the neighboring district of Seine-Maritime, in Sotteville- les-Rouen. Ifair has already been the main operator of actions funded by the agglomerate community for Solidarity Mobility – two-wheeled self-service social garage, two-wheeler lending, electric bike rental, on-demand transport to get to work, health needs and commuting advice and social driving school… Solidarauto for its part has the experience and skills Professional in low cost repairs.

partnership project

“Together, in 2019, we embarked on a pre-operational study, co-financed by the urban community, Ifair positioning itself on the mobility support component, and Solidarauto around low-cost selling of parts and repairs,” Explains Olivier Touati, Evere Director. The studies, which were completed in May 2021 due to the Covid crisis, “It allowed us to find new, larger buildings, with an area of ​​500 square metres, to establish a legal partnership with Solidarauto, finish the market study and set up the project.”

To finance the project, Olivier Touati submitted various files, and receives financing within the framework of the city’s policy, on investment, up to 52,000 euros. This amount is used to equip the premises and purchase the necessary equipment. Re-launch funding from France contributes to operating costs, up to €60,000 per year over two years (2021-2022).

The social garage was installed in the new building in Ifair, and opened in September 2021. Seven Ifair employees work there, as well as a mechanic seconded by Solidarauto, who supervises the self-service repairs – the most complex that Solidarauto implements. The garage also provides purchase support if needed.

Social Recipe Tips

If everyone can push the Ifair door, the drive to the social garage is done on a prescription from a social worker. Ifair works with about forty buildings in the territory, from the Pôle emploi to the municipal center for social work, including the local missions “, Explains Olivier Touati. In six months, the garage took in about fifty people – 10 requests remained unanswered, 12 related to the purchase of a car, 29 led to a complete diagnosis, which led to about 11 classic repairs and 12 self-service repairs.

Fifty may not seem like a lot – but it really is, because what makes this place special, other than mechanical repair, what is complicated is all that is at stake behind it in terms of ‘independence and liberation’, Commentary by Olivier Touati and Anne Turles.

“To create this type of project, it is also necessary to work with a representative like Ifair, who is well-established in the area and known to its residents”Chosen add. “The work of partnering with organizations of social prescribers is just as important – including in the dimension of painstaking work, so that the people responsible for the first reception know that the garage is there and can provide solutions”she adds. “Trust between elected officials and actors on the ground is also crucial.”And Olivier Touati adds, insisting on this “Real listening to the agglo community”.

Creation of a four-wheel rental fleet, or new group workshops… For the rest of the project, Ifair has no shortage of ideas. Prospects that, such as the daily operation of the garage (about 65,000 euros per year), will require finding new sources of financing. Urban community perhaps? related to the department? Follow…

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