Investing in SPIEGEL-Free Entry Fee through Life Insurance: It's Now Possible!

Investing in SPIEGEL-Free Entry Fee through Life Insurance: It’s Now Possible!

Remake Live, a SCPI with no entry fee launched a few months ago, and today it became the first in this category to be referred to in life insurance. The other two SPCs available in the market with 0% entry fees, Novaxia Neo and Iroko Zen, are only accessible directly and not through a life insurance contract. He is the Linxea distributor who just referenced Remake Live in its life insurance contracts and PER insurance by Suravenir, a subsidiary of Crédit Mutuel Arkéa.

Investing in real estate in an accessible manner and without entry fees is now possible within a life insurance or PER envelope. An interesting possibility to diversify your savings in the context of inflation. We are pleased to be the first to offer this innovative support in our contracts secured by Suravenir “,” says Antoine Delon, President of Linxea.

Life insurance or direct subscription?

Investing in SCCP via life insurance naturally allows you to benefit from the beneficial tax framework of life insurance, in terms of dividends and inheritance taxes. However, the choice of SCPIs is limited compared to direct subscription because not all SCPIs are available in life insurance and not all insurers report the same SCPIs in their contracts.

In life insurance, the investor generally benefits from a discount on the life insurance entry fee (SCPI) and from a shorter vesting period. In the case of Remake Live, the issue of costs is not raised because it is nothing and the enjoyment period is only 1 month with Linxea’s Suravenir 3-month direct subscription contract. In turn, the insurance company is generally compensated by participating in the dividends paid by par for the crop production. Suravenir, for example, takes a 15% fee on vouchers paid by Remake Live. In other words, the saver will get 85% of the return knowing that Remake Live aims for a distribution rate of 5.5% per annum.

The saver does not have life insurance bonds

When investing in SCPI via UC (Unit Associated Life Insurance), the saver does not own the securities of the company or fund, which can have negative or positive consequences. ‘,” recalls Nicholas Curt, co-founder and president of Remake AM, Director of SCPI Remake Live.

Nicholas Curt also states that at the time of the stock resale, life insurance will have an advantage.” in Offer more mechanical liquidity than the underlying market, as exit times can be prolonged in times of market stress However, insurers can apply penalties to the resale value of SCPI shares, which is not the case here with Remake Live found in Suravenir contracts.

Options are reserved for direct subscription

In addition, it should be noted that scheduled payments, scheduled arbitrage options, and scheduled partial redemptions are not authorized in the SCPI Account Module. Finally, in life insurance, it is of course not possible to buy SCPI shares on credit or only bare ownership, which are alternatives intended for direct underwriting.

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