Mutuelle santé : voici les 3 critères essentiels pour bien choisir votre assurance

Mutual Health Insurance: Here are the three basic criteria for choosing the right insurance

In France, health insurance partially covers your health care and costs. But, as you know, this person has billions of debts, and if you want additional compensation, it is not necessary to add mutual insurance. We explain how it works and how to make the right choice between all the different types of insurance on the market and the different formulas.

It is highly recommended that mutual insurance be well compensated!

The budget for health and medical expenses should not be neglected in the general envelope. The older you get, the more you need it. Furthermore, if you have children, it is also essential that you are well covered. But to truly benefit from optimal health coverage, you cannot be satisfied with reimbursement from health insurance. In fact, you must also sign up for a mutual insurance contract additionally. Thus, you are almost sure that you will not have to pay anything, because the subscriber will supplement the health insurance.

What is the advantage of getting a mutual or supplemental health insurance?

The goal is to reduce your health expenses and supplement health insurance reimbursements. Supplemental health insurance in the private sector can be adapted according to your needs, your situation, the number of people in your family, your age, existing diseases, etc. Depending on your mutual insurance contract, he can reimburse you in full for additional health costs.

For example, you may have better compensation in the following areas:

  • Consultation and medical care,
  • some drugs bought in pharmacies,
  • dental care and prosthetics,
  • eye care
  • hearing aids,
  • In the case of hospitalization.

In addition, you can add optional guarantees according to your wants and needs. For example, you could be reimbursed for alternative medicine sessions such as orthopedic or physical therapy. Ditto for sessions with a psychologist or in the case of orthodontic care for adults, etc. But then, what is the best way to choose? There are three things that you definitely need to check.

Clearly identify current needs and household projects

Of course, no one knows what tomorrow will bring, but you can still expect a few things. For example, very early on, you can tell if your children’s teeth are in good or bad shape. In the second case, there is a good chance that you will have orthodontic expenses.

Moreover, in the life of a woman, there are several stages. Initially, there are health costs related to pregnancy and childbirth. Thus, a subscriber can allow you to get a certain room in the hospital or receive certain services. Then your health expenses will change and, for example, you may be at risk of developing hearing or vision loss. Thus, it must be understood that forecasting makes it possible to find the best mutual insurance contract.

Beware the waiting period that can change everything

The waiting period is the time required between payment by you and the moment when the costs are paid. Depending on the exchanges and contracts, you can be compensated very quickly, neither seen nor known. But, in other cases, it is much longer and can put you in problematic situations. In fact, if your monthly budget is correct, it is a criterion that should not be neglected.

Price strings of war!

Since this is part of the private sector, each mutual insurer can set their own rates. There are no rules in the market. Therefore, feel free to go, even if it takes time. In fact, the goal is to get the best view with an equal level of coverage. You can help yourself with the online comparison.

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