Nanterre: The delay in partial results worries students

Nanterre: The delay in partial results worries students

A big mess in the law department of the University of Paris-X Nanterre. While they were promised their partial results last weekend, students had to wait until Wednesday to finally get their grades. It is a delay that, in effect, halves the period of revisions before catching up whose session begins on Monday.

Apparently the examination boards met only on June 7 for the second year of licensure and the following day for first and third year students. “This is not a normal situation, regrets Morgan, a third-year student who only got her results on Wednesday, at the end of the afternoon. There are students among us who are working or pursuing internships. Students for whom it is impossible to notify employers in time.”

‘It’s not up to the students to pay the consequences’

Many especially regret the lack of time they have to prepare to catch up. “We find ourselves in a sad situation, Morgan regrets. Especially since with the reform of the new teacher’s choice, places are precious and the pressure is strong.”

Misunderstanding among law students increases because the transcripts are formal: a remedial session must be held within no less than one week after the publication of the semi-annual results. A requirement was invoked in both the Education Act and the methods of controlling the knowledge and skills it identified Education and University Life Committee.

University apology

But this year, that delay proved untenable. the reason ? Dysfunction within the administrative staff of the UFR de droit where, according to several sources, burnout and absenteeism are increasing. Sometimes absenteeism is compensated by teachers whose job it is not but who nonetheless make themselves available for exercise. “We hear all these problems, notes Morgan. But it’s not up to the students to pay the consequences.”

For its part, the university apologizes to the students and explains these imbalances as “sick problems beyond everyone’s control.” The College also acknowledges that some will be required to attend a catch-up session when this is not necessarily necessary. Due to tight deadlines, we are forced to deal with any material errors at the same time as exams are taken, indicating the University Presidency in a press release distributed to students. We invite you to attend the second session for safety, even if the error is later corrected by the management. »

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