Pac Cereal Conference, Farm to Fork, Crop Insurance, and Sovereignty: AGPB Still Vigil

Pac Cereal Conference, Farm to Fork, Crop Insurance, and Sovereignty: AGPB Still Vigil

In a certain context, AGPB grain growers are still “looking forward” and are committed to the supremacy of France in the field of food and energy, reinforced by political orientations taken in the context of the war in Ukraine. As they work towards sustainable production, particularly through carbon credits, they are also awaiting confirmation of PSN elements and the completion of their crop insurance reform.

Eric Thruen, President of the AGPB, at the Cereal Growers Conference on June 8, 2022, in Paris.Eric Thruen, President of the AGPB, at the Cereal Growers Conference on June 8, 2022, in Paris. (© Terre-net Media)

eBecause of the reserve period, the Minister of Agriculture and Food Sovereignty, Marc Vesno, did not speak at the Conference of Cereal Growers, which took place on June 8 in Paris, but was discussed behind closed doors – closed with representatives of the AGPB. The opportunity, to Eric Thrwin, President of the AGPB, to remind the main concerns of grain producers in this particular context, between the explosion in input prices, the war in Ukraine, and exceptional climatic risks such as storms and hail. A number of collectibles were destroyed last weekend. As you wish AGPB, after the damage done, Opening the agricultural disaster system to arable crops.

Thus the head of the AGPB raised the topic State-guaranteed loans (PGE), an exceptional general-guaranteed credit scheme put in place notably during the health crisis, is set to expire on June 30. The issue of contracts was also raised to warn of the need to respect them despite the current difficulties, as well as to facilitate the implementation of multi-year contracts with animal sectors. “We will ask tax advantage To overcome these cultural brakes we have to adhere to over several years between grain growers and breeders,” Eric Thruen explains, while multi-years are necessary for the system to be win-win.

Be “on the offensive” the day after the legislative elections

The AGPB is also concerned about the implementation of future buckBecause if the French version of the National Strategic Plan (PSN) is satisfactory to the Union, discussions are continuing, especially after the observations of CES. However, “we need to know now, for our cycles, what happens to surfaces in the absence of production,” Eric Thruen explains, because the restriction is only valid for this year.

While the war in Ukraine gives new meaning to the concept of food sovereignty, the AGPB also intends to state, in this election year, that arable crops “are the pillar of permanent sovereignty.” ” Should Mobilize the productive potentialHowever, the human challenge of producing more does not invalidate the planetary emergency produce better Eric Thrwin, who promotes a “third way” between conventional farming and organic farming, insists. “We will fight, at an EU level, to reintegrate the sovereignty objective into our farm-to-fork strategy and restore growth ambition in the Green Deal,” adds the AGPB chair.

The union will be “on the offensive” the day after the legislative elections, ensuring that “the state allocates to agriculture budget resources proportional to the challenges”, particularly in Crop insurancein the 2023 financing bill.

In addition to contributing to France’s food sovereignty, grain producers also intend to assert their role in energy sovereignty, but also in the fight against climate change. Carbon credits, for example, will be one of the major issues in the coming years, both in terms of development and recovery. Hence the AGPB calls on public authorities to “mobilize to strengthen our sectors in the face of tomorrow’s challenges”, through risk management, the third agricultural revolution, or even payments for environmental services.

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