The end of thermal vehicles in 2035: Are drivers ready for electrification?

The end of thermal vehicles in 2035: Are drivers ready for electrification?

The European Parliament voted on Wednesday to ban the sale of thermal vehicles, whether they run on gasoline, diesel or hybrid, from 2035. The goal is to reduce carbon dioxide emissions and to promote the sale of electric cars.

The days of heat cars are now numbered in Europe. On Wednesday, the European Parliament approved a ban on the sale of new cars equipped with diesel, petrol or hybrid engines from 2035. It is concerned with cars and small trucks. It now produces about 12% of the total carbon dioxide emissions in the European Union.

Iraj restaurant owner. With his company, he bought an electric car. For him, it is a solution for the future.

“I think it’s very good for the pollution, and for the environment all of that. No gasoline to drive. There are a lot of benefits. I’m sure we should all use electricity.”

But he realizes that it is not always easy to use and even more so with the fast pace of life. Particularly sorry for the lack of charging zones. “For me, there are not enough terminals. It is not easy to charge, you have to have a terminal in the parking lot and that is not the case with me. It is difficult for people who work 12-13 hours a day.”

Most of the motorists questioned find it difficult to visualize themselves. This is the case of Badis. In 2035, he will be 38 years old, but today, electricity is unimaginable. “I am not ready to go electric. Indeed, from an autonomy point of view, because I drive long distances. I think it is a political decision. It is more fashion than anything else. I think the problem is elsewhere because electricity is far from being an unpolluted economy,” as he says.

Low price of the next electric car?

In any case, the news was well received by MEP Pascal Canfin, chair of the Environment Committee, who confirms the benefits to the planet.

“If we want to be consistent in the fight against climate change, we need cars that no longer pollute, no longer emit carbon dioxide. This is a historic decision made by the European Parliament. We are the first in the world to do so and we can be proud of it “, he rules .

It remains to be seen the price of electric cars in the future. Today, it is much higher than the heat. But the gap could close very quickly, as Didier Laurent, an automobile journalist, explained.

“Manufacturers will largely stop investing in internal combustion engines, and it is also possible that there will be many brands that will be fully electric before 2035. We will have new generations of batteries that will have much better performance. And then, as it will be There is so much more volume, we can hope to buy cheaper electric cars,” he explains.

However, the French auto industry could be alarmed by this switch to electrification. According to the auto platform, 65 thousand jobs are expected to be lost, out of 200 thousand in the sector.

Alexis Vergereau with Guillaume Descours

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