Used: 5 cars under 7500 euros!

Used: 5 cars under 7500 euros!

Having a small budget does not necessarily mean that you have to choose a small car. City car, compact, minivan, you can find it all! On the other hand, sometimes you have to be prepared to make some compromises…

Yes, the flea market has exploded recently, sometimes causing prices to skyrocket…but don’t panic! It is possible to find a car for even the smallest of bags. Even better, there are options! From the city car through the agreement to the family. On the other hand, you have to be prepared to compromise, but there is always a way to find your rare pearl.

Renault Twingo, 2009, 4,890 euros

We start small, with Renault Twingo for example. This French lady certainly does not have a lot of options, but her bases are excellent: a small gasoline engine with less than 75,000 km, a chassis in good condition and 4 seats. we told you, It’s not much, but for less than 5,000 euros, it’s not really bad.

Opel Astra, 2010, 5,490 euros

Too small Twingo? Do you need 5 doors for more practicality? This is an Opel Astra may interest you. But beware, we were talking about a franchise, here you have to give a franchise on the mileage slowly approaching 200,000 km …

Seat Mi, 2012, 5,990 euros

Still in a small and affordable series, you can consider some copies of the Seat Mii, Skoda Citygo and Volkswagen Up three-twins. advantage This is Spanish ? Reasonable mileage for a 2012 car. On the other hand, just like the French mentioned above, don’t expect to have many options.

Dacia Lodgy, 2012, 6,989 euros

Before Jogger, there was lodgy. Admittedly, the structure of this example is not in perfect condition. in contrast, Family level, we don’t do much better than that! Plenty of space for rear passengers and the trunk of a transport truck! It’s big enough for Dacia to decide to install two real seats in the 7-seater version.

Renault Twingo, 2016, 7,490 euros

We started with Twingo, we ended with Twingo, full circle. Especially since this version is the third and final generation! Retaining the pocket size, it is made even more practical by having 2 extra doors! The icing on the cake: First logged in 2016 and mileage just over 50,000km.

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