“We try to be ready for anything.” - Artur Petterbiev

“We try to be ready for anything.” – Artur Petterbiev

At 37, Petrbiev (17-0, 17 KOs) will put his IBF and WBC light heavyweight titles on the line, while Smith (28-3, 22 KOs), a five-year-old student, will put the WBO belt on the table. At Madison Square Garden Theatre.

While Beterbiev sees it as just another task to complete, his coach Mark Ramsey gets a chance for cold revenge, the one who was in Elder Alvarez’s corner when he lost an important elimination duel for the WBO title against Same Smith.

Our analysis on Joe Smith before the fight against Elder Alvarez was absolutely correct. He is a complete man who always gives his full potential. He is very physically strong and everyone knows he has a good punch.

He does not know bad nights. He always brings him Game. The main difference this time is that I won’t go to war with the same tools Ramsay explained to Peterbiev.

We prepared different things. We have worked out some strategies for the fight, but it is not clear exactly how it will go, but we try to be prepared for anything.Peterbiev said, taking great care not to reveal anything in store to his opponent on June 18.

Beterbiev will be looking for the Light Heavyweight belt from the Third World. But for him, each duel remains unique in itself, especially when it comes to uniting the belts.

Each battle is different, depending on whether or not there is a title at stake. It’s definitely more interesting when something is at stake. It’s like the last time you collected two belts against Oleksandr Gvozdyk. I felt very motivated. »

Quote from Artur Petterbiev, IBF and WBC Light Heavyweight Champion

And if you’re wondering if Artur Beterbiev is the type who gets swayed by the idea of ​​going fight at the Madison Square Garden Theatre, think again.

I am not a big fan of boxing history nor do I like my sport. For me, going to fight at Madison Square Garden or the Bell Center in Montreal doesn’t change a thing. The ring is the ring. I prefer to focus on more important things like combat and my strategyRelease it without hesitation.

Vibration for major events

For the veteran coach he has become over time, Mark Ramsey always feels something special as he approaches a foot fight at the legendary New York Coliseum.

It’s always a filecheerful, Whether in the Bell Center or in other major plazas such as Las Vegas or New York. But we have a task to do and when the bell rings, our vision is quickly refocusedRamsay admitted.

Artur Petterbiev retained his championship belts after defeating Marcus Braun on December 17.

Photo: Bernard Brault, Yvonne Mitch Collection / Bernard Brault

For him, it remains important to properly supervise and know where to fight. There is always a little environmental control, you have to understand where you are going. We will choose the gyms where we will hone our preparations. We will choose restaurants in advance. We will consider the type of crowd that will attend the event. It’s not the same whether it’s in England, Canada or the United States.

Indeed, Ramsay made sure to display his protected photos of the room in which he would be fighting. He wants Beterbiev to be able to visualize all this, even if, in his opinion, it is not the most important matter.

The trainer insisted that he never had to push too hard to get the best out of a boxer ace.

I’ve never had to push him so hard, whether in four-round fights (on his debut) or in his last world title fight (December 17, 2021, at Bale Center), it’s a trait of his own. But for a boxer or trainer, the battle of unification is something else and you will never be satisfied. »

Quote from Mark Ramsey, coach

When asked how he sees the fight, Petterbiev only said he didn’t get into the prediction game and would just try to practice what he had. Repeat in the gymnasium during sessions sparring With one or more of the six training partners who come from all over the world (European, American and Canadian) to help him set it up.

Moreover, the lull we are seeing in relation to the pandemic has facilitated the recruitment of these important clients.

Mark Ramsay talks about the characteristics of his stepson Artur Petterbiev

last straight line

With less than 10 days remaining, most of this preparation has already been completed. We keep working and practicing the game plan.

Beterbiev will soon enter a weight loss phase that will meet the class’s established maximum of 175 pounds.

In that regard, there is not an iota of angst on the part of Ramsey, who describes the IBF and WBC champ as someone who is very stable both physically and emotionally.

Since all fights are very different, you should be able to keep your cool. You have to continue the course. To relax, I sometimes go play chess or listen to an audiobook while jogging. »

Quote from Artur Petribev, boxer

You should know that he only learned to play chess at the age of 28. Boxing and chess don’t have much in common, but it helps me think. I only learned to play because of boxing. Maybe it makes me better (laughs).

Beterbiev’s kind reputation began to appear from the boxer. In fact, he burst into laughter claiming that Ramsay was joking more between the two while the coach points in the opposite direction.

It depends on the days if I lose weight, he laughs more than me. I really don’t want to laugh at the time.

Most seriously, Artur Petterbiev explains the beautiful chemistry that exists between him and his coach in a very personal way.

Mark is the same age as my older brother who was my first boxing coach. They are somewhat similar in character. But what matters is that we have good results. I think we will continue like this. »

Quote from Artur Petbiev

The team will travel to New York on Wednesday evening to participate in the traditional meetings of Thursday’s press conference and discussion that will take place on Friday afternoon.

I expect to see him perform at full capacity. It’s something he gives us more and more during his last fights. It is no longer limited to one method. He has become a complete boxer who can do anything in the ring.

He adapts quickly to any situation even when the battle does not go in the direction we imagined. Despite what he has already achieved, he is still hungry to learn and perform.Ramsay concluded.

Know that in the event of a win, only the WBA belt from Beterbiev’s group will be lost. This recently passed into the hands of Dimitri Bevol, who was stole by the latter from Mexican Saul Canillo Alvarez on May 7.

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