What is a non-bank loan that sometimes allows an abundance of income?

What is a non-bank loan that sometimes allows an abundance of income?

90 euros per month. This is the additional cost that inflation imposes on every French woman and every French man on average, according to the Inflation Observatory of the Arab Republic of Egypt. 60 million consumers and the NielsenIQ Institute. It was calculated, as the magazine explains family folder On its site, based on “the actual weight of spending on fuel, energy and consumer products in the household budget.” To respond to this significant shortfall, the executive branch has thought of several ways, including a tariff shield or a 15-cent discount on a liter of fuel.

Of course, it’s also possible Take advantage of many tricks, some of which are listed in our columns, to try to recover some lost purchasing power. But sometimes life requires more. In such cases, inform our time, it is possible to look further and use the so-called “non-bank” loan. But what exactly is it?

In France, there are several types of loans and credits. If necessary, it is not uncommon to see some taking out consumer loans, which can be dangerous and lead to an over-indebtedness problem. There is also often non-bank lending Easier to obtain than a conventional loan. And for good reason! not mean that There is no banking institution.

In practice, our colleagues specify, that with relatives (friends, family, it depends) we have to get this type of credit. However, this does not mean that the procedure is free from protocols or rules. exactly the contrary. It is necessary to sign a “debt acknowledgment or a loan contract to formalize things”, explains Pascal Miccolo Marcel, General Delegate of La Finance pour tous whose interview teams gave a monthly interview.

Non-bank loan: how does it work?

Credit without a bank, as the specialist website Ooreka explains, responds to it specific rules. It is already necessary, when borrowing from relatives or family, to specify the terms of operation in writing. It is possible to obtain a certified loan. If the amounts are large, going directly to a notary may be necessary, if not mandatory.

This type of loan, determines the statute, can even To be accompanied by mortgage guarantees. However, it is important not to lose sight of the fact that there is a passage in front of the notary Mechanically involves paying a commission. It should theoretically be proportional to the borrowed moment and it is traditionally owed to the borrower.

Non-bank loan: do not forget about specialized sites

Moreover, Ooreka continues, it is also possible to pass Specialized Lending Sites Between individuals For those who do not want to confuse family and money.

Most of them work using an online form system, which you will obviously have to fill out to take advantage of the offer. This generally includes a breakdown of the project for which such a loan may be necessary and the amount required. It will also be necessary to inform potential lenders that it is registered in the name of FICP, the Individuals Credit Incident File. Any information relating to excess indebtedness must also be specified. Mechanically, this makes the process more complicated.

Furthermore, the platforms charge management fees and variable management fees.

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