George Ayzali: "Let the KDP leadership team be ready for battles" - AFRIK SOIR

George Ayzali: “Let the KDP leadership team be ready for battles” – AFRIK SOIR

George Azali (PDCI candidate):

The Executive Secretary in charge of Departments and Delegates, Vice President George Easley, discussed late Wednesday afternoon with all PDCI-RDA delegates. who made numerous trips to the House of the Party in Cocody. With four items on the agenda, the meeting took place behind closed doors to discuss issues deemed “sensitive”.

The first point concerns personnel assessment missions, at the beginning of the year, throughout the national territory. “We had a very important and very fruitful meeting with many items on the agenda. The first point was the inventory of the party’s political cadre after the assessment missions. The missions allowed for assessment and delegation of delegations, members of delegation bureaus, members of departmental bureaus, members of base committee bureaus, members of JPDCI and UFPDCI bureaus.

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They are our popular political staff. After processing the information, at the task level, we saw which ones were already up to date, which were partially up to date and those that weren’t at all. He said it was important that the leadership body be known, defined and ready for the battles to come.

The second point of the agenda focused on the plan for the new electoral organization of the party. There is an election commission that has been set up. This committee, headed by Professor Nyamke Kofi, has been working for months. Develop a plan for the electoral organization of the party. It was good that the representatives of the head of the People’s Party were informed of these clauses, ”said Executive Secretary Isali.

Then there was Mr. Ehmann Bernard, Coordinator of the Committee on Resource Mobilization and Development, who made an intervention. He spoke about the new platform to pay donations, memberships and contributions to activists wherever they are, in Côte d’Ivoire and outside the country. “It’s a very innovative thing with the technical partners who have come to explain how the system works,” he emphasized.

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The last item on the agenda relates to the process called “I PDCI-RDA”. “Through the assessment tasks we have done with the political staff, the command body, the generals, except for them, there are all the militants. Within the framework of modernization one must know, get to know the militants and sympathizers, even the new seniors. There too, a platform has been developed and we will launch today, And we will symbolically hand over to certain delegations the kits and tools that will allow them to do the work at the grassroots level,” said George Philip Isali.

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