Haute-Vienne: The municipality is asking its residents to finance the renovation of a nursing home

Haute-Vienne: The municipality is asking its residents to finance the renovation of a nursing home

The municipality of Glanges in Haute-Vienne has managed to raise 65,000 euros to renovate its future health centre.

When settling in the countryside, I wouldn’t, by itself it wouldn’t bother me too much, but being a rural doctor takes a lot of work, you don’t get paid well, besides, it’s not very motivating, it’s mostly comfort medicine.Etienne, 21, is a third-year medical student. This statement can partly explain the municipality’s initiative of Glanges: to obtain a nursing home by renovating the old village post office thanks to a citizen’s loan. The Mayor of Glang, Emily Gillett, stated that this unprecedented funding will likely allow “To anticipate the retirement of doctors in the surrounding area who cannot find alternativesIn the meantime, two nurses and an optometrist are already working in an old building in town.

Response in a tense medical area

Although Haute-Vienne is an area where healthcare is relatively accessible, the fact remains that a car is necessary to get to a doctor. Thierry, 65, retired, lives in Glangs in Haute-Vienne. Limoges is 25 km away, and the nearest health center is in Saint-Germain-les-Peles, about fifteen kilometers from the village of about 515 inhabitants. “Doctors in rural areas are not youngThierry adds. So when Mayor Emily Gillette, on the initiative of two nurses, spoke about Villyz, an investment platform serving communities and their citizens that would make it possible to fund a nursing home, Thierry did not hesitate to lend his money.

Potential local access to private GPs or health center practitioners in 2019 Department of Research, Studies, Evaluation and Statistics.

About 65,000 euros were collected online, more than was collected in the city of Rouen, which created crowdfunding in 2018.

With an interest rate considered interesting at 1.2%, this investment for the municipality brought together the residents of Glange and its surroundings: 52% of the lenders are residents of Haute-Vienne. “ It’s more interesting than brochure A and I find the proposal very attractive. Follow the dynamic. Even people who didn’t know how to do things on the internet wanted to contribute something, they made donations.Thierry says.

Initiative for more participatory democracy

According to Emily Gillett, the call for civic participation explains this enthusiasm. She talks about a form of participatory democracy:You have to start from the needs, that is democracy. Our group of citizens is taking shape, a dynamic has been launched. Of the 500 inhabitants, 231 people work in the Glangs Health Center: there is a real interest in local life.ยป

For Arthur Moraglia, co-founder of Villyz, the idea was to enable efficient and transparent investing. “The city council had to such a projectAccording to this former executive of the prudential watchdog and its dissolution. And if some are unable to donate, owing in particular to outdated identity papers (needed to lend to Villyz, which strictly regulates the practice), Glanges crowdfunding is off-balance. The refunds from the municipality will be distributed over 7 years. 46% of the investors in Glang Health Center are women, an unprecedented number as only 29% of women invest in general.

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