Real estate prices: medium-sized cities turn inaccessible?

Real estate prices: medium-sized cities turn inaccessible?

The orgasm is over! While real estate transactions are still numerous in the country, the sales volume is much lower than the figures observed in 2021. “We should continue to carry out about a million transactions at the end of 2022, even if it is true that we have seen a significant slowdown in the signing of sales agreements since the beginning of 2022”predicts Olivier Colcombet, President of Optimhome Network.

Medium-sized towns, which have been popular with buyers for two years, are seeing their property market stall. In its survey conducted in May 2022 among the notary offices scattered throughout France, the real estate portal Immonot indicates that “The proportion of studies reporting a decrease in activity at two months decreased from 32% to 44%, while the proportion of studies reporting an increase decreased from 23% to 13%.”.

The real estate agency network Laforêt is eliciting a 6% decrease in the volume of transactions at its agencies. The reasons cited by the professionals are manifold: the end of postponing aborted deals from 2020, rising mortgage rates, tighter grant terms and above all… the staggering rise in prices.

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From Rouen (Seine-Maritime) to Caen (Calvados), via Angers (Maine-et-Loire), all estate agents report unsustainable double digits for certain populations. “In Angouleme, in two years we have gone from average prices between €1,100 and €1,600 per square meter to prices between €2,000 and €3,000 per square metre. The price of quality properties with a garage or parking has increased by 20% to 30%. in the past two years”, reports Arnaud Potel, of the Etude Saint-André Immobilier Agency in Angouleme. The stock of merchandise for sale is affected. “If the market stops here today, it is because the city is so full that there is a waiting list to buy a property.”he adds.

Up to “30% in 2 years”

Même constat à l’échelle nationale pour le réseau d’agences immobilières Laforêt, qui remarque que, alors que le stock de biens à vendre se reconstitue à Paris (+ 4% sur un an) en région, il recule (– 5% sur year).

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The situation is similar in Angers, according to the local agency Nestenn, especially on small surfaces: “The prices of these downtown apartments have sometimes gone up 30% in two years. Out-of-town investors love them for seasonal rent. Les grandes surfaces sont égallement recherchées pour faire de la colocation, et les Angevins les plus modestes se voient contraints d’aller chercher.” en banlieue d’Angers, ou les prix sont plus proches des 2 000 euros le mètre carré, contre 5 000 euros en downtown “says Laurent Pauly, director of the agency mentioned.

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