Logement étudiant: pourquoi favoriser d’autres villes que Paris ?

Student housing: why do you prefer cities other than Paris?

Paris is not always the best option. And if you are looking for student housing, you should consider other cities.

The city of Paris often makes young people dream. However, studying in the capital is not always the best option. Especially if you are looking for cheap student accommodation. MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z about where to go.

Student housing: the high prices of the capital

Student accommodation in Paris, This is the dream. Unfortunately, Not everyone is so lucky To be able to go and study in the capital.

Especially because of the rents. But do not panic! Other cities are cooler and more affordable. Among the places most appreciated by young people: Toulouse, Lyon, Rennes, Strasbourg, Montpellier, Nantes, Grenoble, Bordeaux and even Marseille.

Cities where you will have a good time, with a famous university. but that is not all ! You should know that there are also some cities that give young people the opportunity to find Student accommodation at very low prices.

In Le Mans, for example, the average rent is 353 euros. In Poitiers, the latter is 356 euros. While in Limoges, it takes an average of €357 for accommodation.

From Brest to Pau via Angers, you will not have to pay more than 400 euros per month for student accommodation. Places not to be overlooked.

And to convince you that Paris shouldn’t be the only option, Website jai-un-pote-dans-la.com He explains: Paris doesn’t necessarily have the specialty you’re looking for.

In La Rochelle, there is a marine specialty. The city of Toulouse, for its part, specializes in aviation and space. And if you want to get into tourism, give preference to the south of France! MCE TV tells you more!

Student housing: why do you prefer cities other than Paris?

It’s not just Paris in life

In addition to expensive student housing, Paris is also A city with a certain dynamic. Thus, you have a chance to live better in a completely different place.

Moreover, schools outside the capital began to be very popular. And that’s not all! French culture is not only concentrated in Ile-de-France. exactly the contrary.

Nancy, for example, is even the capital of the new art. Avignon, for its part, is the theater capital. and finished. Convinced to give up your Parisian student residence to see your prospects develop in the provinces.

In an interview with our colleagues, Edward Loriott, Director of Work and Study Services at Escom, then explained: “We keep saying that. The pool of Mediterranean labor is very dynamic. Big companies exist. SMEs and start-ups are created every day. The proximity to Monaco and Italy opens the door to international business.”

To follow up: “To think that there is no business in and around Nice is unrealistic.” For her part, Sophie Roland adds that it’s not just the sun that’s at play now. Real opportunities to be taken.

Are you ready to say goodbye? Your student accommodation in Paris To try your luck elsewhere? It is up to you to decide.

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