#Swendengate: Here's why kids aren't invited to the table at their friends' house

#Swendengate: Here’s why kids aren’t invited to the table at their friends’ house

Not serving food to children who come to play at home may seem ridiculous, but nevertheless it is a very common tradition in Sweden, which has spread on social networks. So miserliness or respect for morals?

sStems from a simple anecdote on a Reddit forum, a The Swedish tradition of not serving food to children who are invited to play in the house It quickly became a necessity on social networks. And it even has a name: # Sweden. “I remember playing at a Swedish friend’s house, I remember a surfer. As we were playing in the room, his mother yelled that dinner was ready. And guess what! He told me to wait in his room while they were eating.” The debate is heated: do all Swedes act this way out of respect for their traditions, or are they just pincers?

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Reactions are mixed on social media. to some Swedes He claims to have never seen or seen this kind of sceneothers Carrying this part of their childhood completelyAs is the case with singer Zara Larsson. β€œWhen I was little, it was really common for me to go play at a friend’s house and say, ‘Oh, I’m just going to dinner, I’ll be back in 30 minutes. And he left you in the room,'” she says on her TikTok account.

“Go home and eat, you’ll live two minutes away”

She continues on Twitter: “It’s just about the kids. My family did it, like so many others. It was pretty normal, I’d play at a friend’s house and he could leave me alone in his room, or he told me. “Go home and eat, you live two minutes away.” It’s unbelievable but true“.

Via its official account, the Swedish government ended up responding to this controversy, likely tarnishing its polished image: β€œThe idea that Swedes do not welcome their guests as they should not reflect reality at all,” we reply in higher places.

After Zara Larsson’s speech, the controversy on Twitter shifted to another network that leads to trust: TikTok. Anecdotes abound there, always with a touch of humor.

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In the 80s and 90s, this practice was already very common. β€œIt’s about preserving the good Relationships between families, and they do not find themselves indebted to each other: If your child eats too much at my house, you will end up owing me something, and this should be avoided because it harms our relationships as adults,” explains Richard Telstrom, professor at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, citing Huffington Post.

Don’t respect the family, an old tradition

This tradition also represents an ancient heritage. in time, Just inviting a child home means his parents didn’t have enough money to feed him. Therefore, feeding a child may amount to an insult. Richard Telstrom points out that this practice In no way is it intended to exclude non-white peopleAs mentioned by some on social media.

If an argument makes a lot of talk, it’s also because The Scandinavian country is envied by everyone and is seen as a country without problems, without any blame . The slightest speck of dust stopping the machine is seen as a disaster. the famous “Swedish Model” or “Northern Model”, Everyone envies him, especially at the political level, to whom Emmanuel Macron especially refers. Unemployment insurance and pension reform … Sweden is distinguished from its neighbors who want to return to Sweden for unemployment insurance and pension reform.

Beyond economic qualities, Sweden is distinguished from its neighbors With its very high employment rate, its standard of living is much higher than that of France. Also a Scandinavian country in ranks Fifth place for countries In terms of gender equality.Real model we tell you!

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