Formula 1 - Azerbaijan Grand Prix: Stroll and Vettel return to a track where they excelled in the past

Formula 1 – Azerbaijan Grand Prix: Stroll and Vettel return to a track where they excelled in the past

Having scored one small point during the last race in Monaco, Aston Martin has arrived at the track it loves. In fact, last year Vettel signed on to the British team’s first podium finish with second place. An unexpected result in the wake of accidents and racing events that allowed many drivers, including Pierre Gasly, to profit from it. Lance’s father Lawrence Stroll’s team will be hoping to maintain the momentum of Monaco during the Azerbaijan Grand Prix after a difficult start to the season.

Sebastian Vettel is looking forward to returning to Azerbaijan this weekend. “It’s great to be back in Baku”German is satisfied. “It’s been a year since I scored my first Aston Martin F1 podium at this track, so it’s a special race for me. It will be interesting to see how these cars adapt to this design, especially with such a mixture of tight corners and slow straights, But I am ready to challenge Azerbaijan.”

F1 – Lance Stroll confident in the B version of the AMR22

Lance Stroll has also starred in the Azerbaijani capital in the past. Indeed, during the junior season with Williams, the Canadian scored his first Formula One podium in Baku. However, since then, the races have gone more or less well and the Aston Martin driver has been through a painful experience on this urban track. In fact, on lap 31 of the 2021 Azerbaijan GP, ​​Stroll’s AMR21 crashed into a wall at very high speed. In question, a hole in the left rear tire took Stroll into the concrete wall.

The shock is still harsh even if the Canadian feels ready to take on the challenge ahead. “Last year’s race was difficult for me but successful for the team, but I am ready to go back to this circuit”, Confirms. “You’ll have to find the right compromise on the settings given the characteristics that provide straight lines and tight corners, and it will be interesting to see what happens with the new regulations. I can’t wait to see how well our car performs.”

Aston Martin is expecting a lot from this weekend in Azerbaijan. However, with Mercedes’ engine far from being the most powerful, the task will prove complicated this weekend. Furthermore, the AMR22B did not have a record weekend. There is an added difficulty for this team that is still searching for itself while others advance the 2022 concept.

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