Formula 1 - Sergio Perez has relieved the extension and is ready to fight for the championship

Formula 1 – Sergio Perez has relieved the extension and is ready to fight for the championship

Two days after his success in Monaco, Sergio Perez swept into the Red Bull, certainly satisfied with the Mexican’s performance. Two seasons extended, including in the Red Bull project until the end of 2024. Denounced as the second driver behind dominant and team-instructed Max Verstappen, Checo now has chances on par with his teammate in sporting terms, at least on paper.

This extension comes very early in the season while transfers and extensions are usually announced in the summer. However, this was not the case for the Mexican. Its extension seemed obvious in light of its results. This relieves the main interested party who can focus on his current season. “You as a pilot certainly want guarantees.”Sergio Perez confirms. And you want to get rid of this stress. So sooner is always better. againstIt takes a lot of energy to focus 100% every weekend, so it was a good thing we came to an agreement so quickly and I think I got a pretty good chance. The season is still very long and anything can still happen.

Formula 1 – Sergio Perez extends with Red Bull Racing until 2024

Besides, with the new regulations, Checo believes it has better weapons to fight for the championship. “Last year we arrived at Red Bull when technical regulations were in place for some time. So drivers who have worked with the same team for a long time have a huge advantage from this point of view.Mexican explains. “I think starting from scratch was an opportunity for everyone. Given that this was my second year at Red Bull, it helped me a lot getting to know the engineers and all these people around me. I feel very comfortable in the car. And I was able to make the most of it.”

Sergio Perez is not number 2 in Red Bull

In terms of his potential second driver status as team guidelines have suggested in the past, it does not appear that Sergio Perez has discussed this with Red Bull. “We didn’t discuss this.” Did he say. “There is nothing in my contract that says I have to finish second, or anything like that. It was not at all the subject of it being addressed in the contract. Very pragmatic, the Mexican knows he has to perform if he wants to win the favor of his team. “In this world, things change very quickly, literally from one race to another, going from hero to zero in a matter of weeks. So I think it’s just important to keep pushing and making the most of the opportunities and you never know when you’ll get the right opportunity in your career.”

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In 2022, Perez appears to have his chances of a championship with Red Bull. This idea has been confirmed by Red Bull boss Christian Horner, who believes each of his pilots can get their championship chances this season. “We’re not talking about Sergio Pérez Racing or Max Verstappen Racing here: it’s about Red Bull Racing,” Horner remembers. Drivers work for the team and have this responsibility. It is important that they realize that the ambitions of the team are greater than their own. Checo is only 15 points behind Max, so he is in the entire title fight, Remembers Helmut Marko, the owner of the fame of Red Bull. It would be ridiculous to sacrifice Perez at this point in the championship, especially since he has proven so much this season.”

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