Honorary loan from the conglomerate to the creators of the new restaurant in Saint-Julien-le-Faucon

Honorary loan from the conglomerate to the creators of the new restaurant in Saint-Julien-le-Faucon

Hand over the honor loan to the restorers. © The Pays d’Auge

Tuesday 7 June 2022, in the building of the restaurant “Aux Saints Jus”, located in the delegated municipality of Saint-Julien-le-Faucon (Calvados), François Aube President of the conglomerate community Licio Normandy (CALN) and Mayor Mézidon Vallée d’Aug, Benoît Charbonneau Géraldine Tanquerel, Vice Mayor of Saint-Julien-le-Faucon, Andrée Desveaux, Vice Mayor in charge of Commerce, and Julien Avrillon, Director of the Calvados Initiative presented a check for €8,000 in the form of an honor loan to the creators of The new restaurant, Pablo Jacob and Guillaume Armand.

Since its creation in 2017, the conglomerate, in partnership with the Calvados Initiative, has supported business creators and buyers, thus paying a subsidy of €22,304 in 2022 to the association that manages and coordinates the system. Thus, in the region of Lisieux-Normandy, for the year 2020, 31 projects were approved by the Calvados Initiative Approval Committee, with a total of 293,000 euros in honorary loans granted and the creation and/or maintenance of 89 jobs.

Calvados Initiative

Founded in 2020, Calvados Initiative is a financing association serving businesses. Its goal is to encourage, through financial support, the creation and acquisition of companies, to enhance the sustainability of start-ups and corporate development, thanks to job creation. To do this, it manages and facilitates several financing schemes, in particular the Honor Loan. In the amount of 2,000 to 30,000 euros, without interest or personal guarantee, it helps to strengthen the equity of the business manager. It does not replace a bank loan, but it is easy to obtain. “In its 19 years of activity, the Calvados Initiative has supported more than 3,000 companies, 7,500 jobs have been created or maintained, and more than 22 million euros have been pumped into the local economy,” says Julien Avrillon, Director of the Calvados Initiative.

In 2021, 3 companies were supported in the municipality of Mézidon Vallée d’Aug with €20,000. “Beyond the issue of economic development, this support has helped maintain the local shops and downtown dynamics,” explains François Aube.

Adventure “Aux Saints Jus”

In 2021, the municipality of Mézidon Vallée d’Aug launches a call for bids

To create a restaurant in the delegated municipality of Saint-Julien-le-Faucon, in a commercial building owned by Mézidon Vallée d’Aug which is being rehabilitated. In this context, the Normandy conglomerate Lisieux has supported the municipality project with a grant of €40,000, as part of the Competition Fund’s policy to support trade in rural areas. In 2021, Guillaume Armand and Pablo Jacob submitted their project, which is retained by the municipality. They were selected by the Calvados Initiative’s expert committee in March 2022, receiving an honorary loan of €8,000.

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