Crédit immobilier

Pinel Rental Investment: How to Get a Mortgage – Challenges

“Lease investment financing has become more complex since the beginning of the year,” notes Sandrine Allonier, director of communications at broker Vousfinancer. On the other hand, since interest rates have been rising since the start of the war in Ukraine: “Such a rapid increase is not unheard of, even if rates remain low at the moment,” asserts Michael El Bazi, a tax credit specialist for broker Kavpi. According to him, some banks increased their range by 0.4 to 0.8 points, with an average posting of 1.3% over 15 years and 1.45% over 20 years in April, which effectively excludes certain profiles of buyers. On the other hand, the new standards enacted by the Supreme Council for Financial Stability became binding since 1Verse January for banks, under penalty of sanctions. The debt ratio including insurance should not exceed 35% and the loan term is 25 years. However, a margin of depreciation is provided for 20% of production, which must be used at 80% to finance prime housing.

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