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Stranger Things: Max Mayfield’s 12 Best Quotes – GameSpot

One of the most stubborn characters on the show, Maxine Mayfield is an unforgettable entry Weird things In season 2. she quickly befriends the boys and joins them on their adventures. Although she is relatively new, she is not shy about giving her opinion whenever she can.

They are candid, assertive, and very clear, which means that Max Mayfield’s best quotes are some of the most memorable in the series. Most of the time, she makes fun of the boys, defends Eleven, or explains something that only she knows. Since she is an outsider, her experiences are completely different from those of all the other party members, which sets her apart from the rest.

Warning: The following contains spoilers for Weird things season 4.

Updated June 11, 2022 by Amanda Bruce: By the show’s fourth season, Max should have been a full party member, but the events of season three see her withdraw from the group. Despite this, Max’s experiences became the focus of events at Hawkins, eventually making her seem less extraneous on the set as everyone rallied around her. It also gives him a chance to have one less playful streak and one more introspective streak.

Max accepts that there are things she doesn’t understand

“I’ll stop assuming I know anything.”

Max discovers a completely strange world when she moves into Hawkins. While her family faces a lot of trouble, she finds herself amid alternate dimensions and monsters, and that’s what catches her eye in the show’s second and third seasons. The more you learn about the Upside Down, the more questions you will ask.

By season four, Max isn’t as sure of herself as she was when she first moved to Hawkins, but she still wonders about everything around her. Max is quick to admit that she doesn’t get it when everyone is looking for answers in Season 4, which is refreshing because many of the party members are in Weird things Jump to conclusions very quickly.

Max admits that she enjoys spending time with Lucas

“And I’d love to talk to you, Stalker.”

When the boys first learn who Max is, Lucas and Dustin fall in love with her. Max begins harassing Lucas for being her stalker, which has become her nickname for him. Lucas is particularly fond of Max and wants Mike to accept him to the party. He told her about the Upside Down, and in the end, they got to know each other quite well between their banter.

Max Lucas admires and appreciates his uncanny wisdom. They find their small partnership within the group and spend a lot of time chatting. Lucas opens up to her and tells her that he loves talking to her, and this is probably the first time he has spoken about his feelings in such a vulnerable way. She replies that she likes to talk to him too.

Max is scared at the party

“You should have seen your faces!”

Max’s introduction to the party is a defining moment in the series. At first, she turned down the boys’ advances after they were highly impressed by Dig Dug. Later, Dustin and Lucas invite her to play tricks with them, but she seems more upset with the show than she is grateful.

However, Max appears on the streets that night. She scares the boys when she comes out of the shadows, disguised and brandishing a fake knife. Lucas shouts – according to Max, like a little girl – and Max laughs at their reactions. This is the first time she’s really tried to relate to the band.

Max is good at sarcasm

“I didn’t realize it was such an honor to go on tour with you.”

Before Max is accepted into the party, the boys vote on whether or not she should be allowed. But only Lucas and Dustin really care about bringing Max to the party; Mike and Will don’t care.

Lucas and Dustin approached Max in the hallway and told him that she had been asked to do some sleight of hand with them. She responds with a sarcasm that they do not understand. They assume she will be grateful for their lust. “That’s so daring of you,” she told them before they left, already setting the tone for their interactions for much of Season Two.

Max invents his own nickname for the party

“I can be your zoom program.”

After being accepted by Dustin, Lucas, and Will, Max desperately seeks to feel welcome by Mike, who is considered the leader of the party by tacit agreement. However, he does not like to warm up to her very much, no matter how friendly she tries to be with him.

She tries to impress him in every way that can be an asset to the party, but he refuses to listen to her. Mike explains the roles of each of them: Mike is a Paladin, Will the Cleric, Dustin the Bard, Lucas the Ranger and Eleven Mage. They’re all D&D terms, but Max makes one: “I’ll be your Zoomer,” she advances, showcasing her skateboarding skills. It may not be a term that Mike recognizes, but it’s one that shows how different Max is from the four boys.

Max explains the relationship with Eleven

“Yeah, well, my friends lie. All the time.”

The most important rule of the party is that friends don’t lie. Eleven takes this very seriously. She uses this rule to defend Mike in Season 3 when he’s clearly lying to her. She doesn’t know why he’s lying, but she doesn’t care. Max encourages her to get rid of him.

Eleven doesn’t think Mike is going to lie and asks Max what she thinks of the situation. She explains that her friends lie all the time, an opinion based on her experience with Lucas. Lucas and Max seem to be separated more often than they are together, and this almost seems like the path Eleven and Mike would go down until they figure things out.

Max Lucas gives a meta-analysis

“I just felt like it was derivative in some places.”

Max asks Lucas to tell him the truth about the party’s history and Will’s strange behavior in Season 2. Finally, without asking permission from the other party members, Lucas tells Max all about the Upside Down, Eleven, and the disappearance of Will.

Suffice it to say that Max does not believe him. In fact, his harsh comments about his “story” reflect the criticism the show has received. “I mean, I have some issues. I just felt like it was a little derivative in some places. I just wish it had more authenticity, that’s it.” This is one of the few introduction moments in the series.

Max address confirmed

“I told you. Zoom in.”

Max establishes her reputation as a Zoomer when she picks up Billy’s car and drives the boys, including Steve, to the entrance to the Upside Down. Steve is badly beaten after meeting Billy, and Max is turned on after his brother demands that she and her friends be left alone.

Max obviously doesn’t have a driver’s license, but she is a zommer, so it’s the only logical option she’s considering. Steve wakes up after being injured outside and nearly passes out again upon seeing a child driving a car. He’s also delirious, so the scene is one of the funniest seasons and was referenced in Season 4 where she’s offered to drive, but Steve declares that she’s never allowed to drive again.

Max’s shock puts a wedge in his relationship

“There are worse things than ghosts.”

When the group speculates on the possibility that Hawkins may be stalked in Season 4, the group is open to the possibility but is also willing to take on another upside-down monster instead. Max is the one who mentioned that ghosts are not the worst thing to worry about.

Max, after all, has been living with the metaphorical ghost of Billy since he sacrificed himself to the Mind Flair. This particular ghost cuts her off from her friends because she refuses to confront her feelings about what happened and excludes all of her friends.

Max opens Eleven’s eyes to female friendship

“There is more to life than stupid boys, you know.”

Max and Eleven’s friendship is one of the best things about season 3 of Weird things. At first, the two girls were suspicious of each other, especially after their introduction in the second season.

Eleven doesn’t know what it feels like to have a girlfriend, and she just got used to the idea that people care about her. Having spent so much time only with men, she is grateful to have a girlfriend like Max, who also appears to be having a female friendship for the first time. She opens Eleven’s eyes and shows her that there is more to life than Hopper and Mike.

Max Eleven encourages independence

“We make our own rules.”

Eleven and Max start spending more and more time together after breaking up with their friends. Max takes her shopping, helps her choose her clothes, and introduces her to Wonder Woman.

When Eleven tries to defend Mike for lying to her, Eleven’s thoughts about friendship are shaken. She used to believe that friends don’t lie to each other, but if her friends were able to lie, now the dynamics of the party could be altered. Max tells Eleven that they can make their own rules. They don’t always have to listen to the boys.

Max encourages Eleven to be herself

“Just try things on until you find something that looks like you. Not Hopper, not Mike—you.”

The defining feature of Max and Eleven’s friendship is that they can just be themselves. They just are, and no one judges them or makes them feel like strangers. Max also helps Eleven discover her identity.

Eleven is new to society, has spent most of her childhood in the lab, and is now free to be her own person. Max encourages her to decide who she wants to be, no matter what her boyfriend or Hopper thinks or says to her. After wearing vintage Hopper flannels for so long, Max takes Eleven shopping so she can create her own look that symbolizes her search for identity.

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