Assurance pour risque aggravé: pourquoi il faut une formule dédiée pour les personnes concernées

Why do we need a custom format for stakeholders

L ‘Owning real estate is the dream of every human being. It often requires a bank loan that extends over many years of repayment, which can be up to 30 years. In addition to the financial capacity or socio-economic status of the person concerned, the funding bodies require death/disability insurance. To take advantage of this coverage, insurance companies need a medical exam. In the case of serious or chronic illnesses, companies often refuse to file or, in less cases, set an additional premium that can be expensive. Many people had this bitter experience and were unable, in such circumstances, to obtain housing.

I wanted to buy an apartment for 1.6 million dirhams (30% down payment and 70% bank loan). To obtain insurance against death due to disability, the company with which I have an agreement with my bank invited me for a medical examination with a doctor who appoints him, because the credit exceeds 1 million dirhams. I filled out a form with a questionnaire about my health. I mentioned in my statements that I have diabetes and high blood pressure and that I am on permanent treatment. The doctor ordered blood tests and a stress test which confirmed my health problems. The insurance company automatically refused my file, arguing that due to my age and illness, I was at increased risk. He advised me to seek coverage from another insurance company. I wandered the market but in vain, testifies Hamid Rashidi, an executive in his forties from Casablanca. Hamid’s case is not isolated, according to the information we were able to gather.

In Morocco, there is no formula specifically intended for these people. We generally speak of increased risk when the risk of seeing a guaranteed event occur (disability or death) for a given person is statistically higher than that of the reference population. Logically, the life expectancy of a patient with cancer, heart disease, diabetes or asthma is much lower than the average of the population. The risk of death or disability increases with age. So naturally this type of coverage is more expensive compared to a regular warranty.” Explains Hisham Tannan, an insurance consultant in Casablanca.

“For fear of having their credit report rejected, many people misinterpret their health and don’t realize they have chronic or serious illnesses. Once disability or death occurs a few years after the property was acquired, the insurance company refuses to reimburse the bank which, in this case, He makes his own mortgage rights prevail.Tannen confirms. In addition to the increased health-related risks, other coverages can be denied by companies, such as high-level athletes, the elderly, or high-risk occupations such as mine clearance. In the past, this situation existed in France. Under pressure from associations and some activists as well as politicians, a specific regime was launched. This is the agreement “Insurance and borrowing with serious health risks”. It allows better access to credit for the people involved. All signatory organizations undertake to find insurance solutions for the borrower, regardless of the health problem presented by the applicant. If the applicant’s health condition makes it impossible to obtain insurance cover under standard conditions, then this agreement will take effect.

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