Bad weather - list of municipalities recognized as natural disasters

Bad weather – list of municipalities recognized as natural disasters

After hailstorms last weekend in Allier, Friday, June 10, 2022, 17 Bourbon cities have been recognized as in a state of natural disaster by the state: Bellerive-sur-Allier, Bost, Chabanne (La), Charmeil, Cognat-Lyonne, Creuzier-le-Vieux, Cusset, Ferrières-sur-Sichon, Magnet, Saint-Clément, Saint-Germain-des-Fossés, Saint-Rémy-en-rollat, Serbannes, Seuillet, Varennes-sur-Allier, Vendat, Vichy .

What is natural disaster insurance?

Natural disaster insurance is an insurance that allows you to compensate for damage caused by natural disasters (earthquakes, floods, droughts, landslides, mechanical movement of waves, etc.). It is not part of compulsory insurance It is therefore not included in the basic insurance contracts. in contrast, It is included in the “comprehensive home” insurance.. The insurance company does not have the right to refuse coverage for “natural disasters”.

If this is the case, when concluding or renewing your contract, you can contact the Central Pricing Office (BCT) within 15 days of notifying the insurance company of the refusal. You must do this by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt. The Central Bank of Tunisia may require the insurance company to cover you against the effects of natural disasters. If the risks are significant or if they have specific characteristics, the BCT may ask you to provide one or more insurance companies with the aim of allocating the risks among them.

compensation terms

Got natural disaster insurance

The first condition for compensation in the event of damage caused by natural disasters is insurance against this risk. Either by a private subscription, or by subscribing to a contract that includes it automatically, such as “all-in-one” home insurance.

Publication of the decree on natural disasters

Even if you are insured against natural disasters, it is not enough to get compensation for your insurance claim. In addition, an inter-ministerial order on natural disasters must be adopted and published by the government in Official Gazette. The order specifies the areas affected by the disaster, the periods during which the events occurred and the nature of the damage caused by the natural disaster. The mayors of the municipalities affected by the natural disaster require the province to include the natural disaster ordinance in their municipalities. So you should file a claim with your insurance company as soon as possible and send a copy to Town Hall. This will allow your mayor to ask the county to classify it as a natural disaster area.

compensation claim

You must send the compensation request to your insurance company or the insurance broker who administers your contracts no later than 10 working days after the decree is published in the Official Gazette. Insurance contact details are provided on receipts or in the contract. Acknowledgment must be sent by registered letter, preferably accompanied by acknowledgment of receipt. If necessary, provide a copy of this letter to the insurance agent or broker. You must indicate in the letter the following elements: surname, first name and address. Insurance contract number. Description of the accident (nature, date, time, place). A numerical list of all lost or damaged items, accompanied by documents proving the existence and value of the goods (invoices, photos for example). Damage to third parties (for example, if a tree fell on your property and caused damage to a neighbor). Contact details of the victims, if any.

Compensation amount

Compensation limits

You are only compensated for the goods covered by your contract, and within the limits of the warranty ceilings. For example, you will not be able to use multi-risk home insurance if your car has been damaged, because this insurance does not cover the car. You will only be compensated for the direct costs (eg the price of the destroyed vehicle). The indirect costs will be at your expense (freezing the vehicle and not using it).


When a natural disaster cover is called, a Deductible: The amount that remains the responsibility of the insured after the claim, and therefore will not be compensated by the insurance company applies. This legal deduction is adjusted according to the nature of the damaged goods. for personal property, The discounts are as follows:

  • 380€ for homes or other property for non-professional use
  • €1,520 if the damage was caused by a landslide following drought or soil remediation

compensation period

You must be paid by insurance for your compensation in two months After the estimated delivery date of goods damaged or losses incurred. If a natural disaster decree is published after the estimated condition of the damaged goods is delivered, the provision must be paid in two months From the date of publication of the decree. The insurance must pay the compensation within 3 months After the actual date of delivery, the estimated condition of the goods damaged or losses incurred. If the natural disaster order is published after the estimated condition of the damaged property is delivered, compensation must be paid. within 3 months From the date of publication of the decree. Additionally, when a storm makes a home uninhabitable, the insurance company may cover moving costs when the insurance contract provides coverage for moving or care costs (help insurance costs).

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