Mortgage credit: How much can you borrow when you earn 2,000, 3,000 or 4,000 euros per month?

Mortgage credit: How much can you borrow when you earn 2,000, 3,000 or 4,000 euros per month?

Do you have a real estate project but do not know how much you can borrow from your income? Don’t panic, Moneyvox measures up for you.

We continue to read it from article to article, and it becomes more and more difficult to borrow. Between HCSF standards (35% maximum debt ratio, for a loan term of up to 25 years with some exceptions), high mortgage rates and the wear rate, families sometimes get anxious to embark on what should be a great project.

Concretely, who can claim a mortgage today? What can I expect if I win a Smic Smile? How much do they lend me if I earn 2000, 3000 or 4000 euros per month? One thing is for sure: Whatever your income, the current situation calls for vigilance, emphasized Mal Bernier, a Meilleurtaux spokesperson. In this period of rapid price appreciation, my main advice is to be careful. When you go to see your bank or broker, they will give you an envelope for financing, but It’s better to search for merchandise a little belowBecause what we presented to you at the beginning of June will not be true in August. That’s why I recommend taking 10,000 euros out of its envelope to deal with emergencies.

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The second thing: for a borrower with a minimum wage, it is not certain that the bank will rise to 35% of the debt ratio, so as not to financially strangle the client. Instead, the bank will stop between 30% and 33%, confirms Mal Bernier. Finally, any borrower must make for himself at least a personal contribution of 10% in order to pay the additional costs (application fee, notary fee, etc.) so that the bank agrees to lend to the maximum potential of its clients.

Case N1: Borrower’s minimum wage

Bertrand Smic earns (net 1302 euros per month). For all borrowers, his monthly installments cannot exceed 455 euros (debt ratio 35%). With an estimated nominal rate of 1.95% at the beginning of June, based on his profile, he can hope to borrow over 20 years in the amount of €85,417 maximum, for a monthly payment of €430, excluding the borrower’s insurance. If the bank decides to limit its debt ratio to 33%, its cover will be 80,536 euros (405 euros per month).

Case n2: for a borrower whose income is 2000 Euro

milie net worth 2000€ per month. With a debt ratio commitment, his monthly payments cannot exceed 700 euros per month. In this month of June, a nominal rate of 1.85% can be expected. Thanks to this, Millie can We hope to borrow up to €132.582, to recover over 20 years of 661 euros per month, excluding insurance. Here, too, if the bank decides to limit its debt to 33%, its balance sheet loses almost 7,000 euros (125,006 euros in total).

Case No. 3: For a borrower whose income is 3000 euros

With his net income of 3,000 euros per month, Richard wants to borrow to buy a main residence. to respect the limits Debt ratio, whose monthly installments cannot exceed 1050 euros In month. At a nominal rate of 1.80% over 20 years at the beginning of June, it can borrow 199760 €with a monthly payment of 991 euros, excluding insurance.

Case No. 4: For a borrower whose income is 4000 euros

Thanks to her work in IT, Alice receives a net 4,000 euros per month, which allows her to set aside a maximum of 1,400 euros per month to pay off her balance. Faced with this interesting borrower, the bank can offer her A nominal rate over 20 years of 1.70%.. So you can borrow Alice 268,733 €You will have to pay a monthly payment of €1321 excluding insurance.

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