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This is a scenario from the other side of the Rhine which would revive the narrow feuds between supporters of motorcycles and supporters of cars who nevertheless managed to cross paths within the same brand, as BMW. But even if we serve the same cause, interests can vary and the following story illustrates this. It will not only increase the popularity of the boards of directors, which is the entity that at Suzuki decided to bury the beautiful MotoGP project. Exactly, it all starts from there…

It’s Speedweek’s approach that challenges the rest of the events that will take place in the Grands Prix circuit, once the valiant forces become suzuki They would have laid down their arms and then been laid off for the fate that everyone would bear. The media is German speaking and therefore is always well informed of what is happening in this region which hosts a strong Bavarian house and a legal Austrian coat of arms no less. So he reveals the name of the famous manufacturer interested in the Hamamatsu succession. interest that even FIM . head In a speech full of promise for the future. But the key information was missing: the brand name.

She is Bavarian and her trigram is of course not KTM but actually BMW. Thus, the Munich forces will be ready to land in a field already equipped with official cars and motorcycles. They are also participating in the WSBK with four motorcycles, without much success at the moment. But here, we are talking about the Grand Prix and Carmelo Ispeleta You will keep the two places on the start grid deserted by suzuki In his pocket, only to present it to a new creator.

At Speedweek, we talk about a deadline of 2024 and remind you that, in financial terms, BMW Motorrad You can take on such a motorcycle project at any time as the second largest motorcycle manufacturer in Europe. Despite significant challenges, BMW Motorrad closed 2021 with record sales. With 194,261 units (+14.8%), 2021 was the best year since BMW Motorrad was founded. In 2020, the result was 169,272.


The MotoGP project has always been held back by the BMW AG board of directors, that is, by automotive executives

Having said that, what about political will? Since motorcycles sell themselves, why go to war on a battlefield where adversities will be difficult and experienced? The will of the CEOs has since been guaranteed at Speedweek where we can read: ” At BMW Motorrad and BMW AG, MotoGP is still being studied. But it depends on who makes the final decision. Karlheinz Kalbfell and Dr. Herbert Diess wanted to join the ring, as did Hendrik von Koenheim. But they were stopped by the BMW AG board of directors, that is, by automobile executives “.

We also discover: The assessment of the general situation is viewed and judged differently. Dr. Schramm also wants to participate in motorcycle racing. It remains to be seen if it will succeed. Our turn awaits this: Since the partnership began in 1999, BMW M GmbH has always impressed us with highlights ‘, announced Carmelo Ispeleta During the 2021 Valencia Grand Prix.” Through our cooperation, BMW M GmbH clearly expresses its passion for motorsports Yes, but there is a “caisseux”… to continue? We will definitely talk about it this weekend because of the German Grand Prix On Sachsenring…

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