Summer Game Fest 2022 : Starfield, Forza, Diablo 4... le récap des annonces de Xbox et Bethesda en direct !

Summer Game Fest 2022: Starfield, Forza, Diablo 4… A summary of the ads from Xbox and Bethesda live!

Live broadcast Summer Game Fest 2022: Starfield, Forza, Diablo 4… A summary of the ads from Xbox and Bethesda live!

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There we are, having partially loaded E3 2021 with a very rhythmic convention, this year Xbox and Bethesda are back with a particularly awaited presentation. How to follow it, what we will see, what we expect to see, we tell you everything!

Starfield, Forza, Riot Games, Overwatch 2… Key Announcements

Summer Game Fest 2022: Starfield, Forza, Diablo 4... A summary of the ads from Xbox and Bethesda live!

Microsoft was expected at this juncture After announcing many games In the last years. Many of them were already on time with one password: All announced games will be released within the next 12 monthsMostly on Game Pass. Let’s start at the end, with Starfield, which was the big anticipation. The game finally revealed the gameplay, with space exploration, gameplay, character and basic customization, avatar creation and progression, but also crafting. Bethesda announces a hundred different systems and about a thousand exploreable planets.

Another Bethesda game that isn’t TESO or Fallout 76 that has been around is Redfall, the new game from developers Prey. The vampire-infested open world has revealed new gameplay footage and is confirmed to be released in 2023.

We continue with an important announcement, Riot Games’ flagship games arrive In Game Pass This winter. League of Legends, League of Legends: Wild Rift, Valorant, Legends of Runeterra and Teamfight Tactics will already be available in service. The first three will be served with all released characters, the third with the foundation pack, and the last with a selection of cards.

We’ve been waiting for news from Forza Motorsport, and we’ve got it! Turn 10 has arrived with gameplay footage and Specific exit window for 2023. Obviously, the idea is to make the title a tech show, with real-time ray tracing, precise damage management, daytime lighting change, realistic rubber management and many other elements. Aside, Scorn, the terrifying horror game inspired by Works by H.G. Giger (Alien)and finally got the release date. So it will happen October 21 2022 !

The acquisition has yet to take place, but Blizzard was present at the Xbox & Bethesda Game Show. First, via Overwatch 2, which we learned will be released Free early access from October 4th. Also the opportunity to advertise New character, Junker Queen ! But that was not all, because Diablo IV also passed his head during the conference, and he did not pretend! After introducing the trailer necromancerwe’ve worked with new game images to illustrate the things already on display, but above all, we were entitled to Exit window! So Diablo IV will be released on PC and Xbox series in 2023 ! The exact date has not been announced. Come on, let’s wrap this part up with the return of the Hollow Knight, which will arrive like almost all games offered (except Blizzard games, for now) in Game Pass as soon as it’s released! No release date but a new trailer.

Game Pass is at the heart of strategy more than ever, with Hideo Kojima!

Like last year, the entire conference has revolved around Game Pass since mention of the service appeared in almost all of the presentation videos. High on Life, from the creators of Rick & Morty, Ara: History is indescribableARK II (2023), Flintlock: Siege of Dawn, light year border or Shooting againAnd the Benedict Fox’s latest caseLike Dusk Falls and Ravenlock, they are all planned, as well as the Gift of Triple A, to integrate Game Pass as soon as it’s released!

An opportunity to indicate that Persona 3 Portable, Persona 4: Golden, and Persona 5 Royal will arrive on October 21 in service. service Where we will find Hideo Kojima’s next game. The title has not been revealed but the game designer It seems to formalize the partnership Between Xbox and Kojima Productions! More news soon. Concretely, you will reach more than 50 games In Game Pass by June 2023Something that pleases and reassures subscribers!

Other ads to remember, with exceptions

We will quickly discuss games that have already been released with new content. The first is Microsoft Flight Simulator, which is getting an update to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the licensing, which today adds the Pelican ship from Halo. Forza Horizon 5, like the 3, will be on the right side of Expanded in partnership with Hot Wheels who will happen July 19.

In terms of novelties, we particularly note some exclusives, such as Ara: History Untold, the action and strategy game Minecraft Legends, The Last Case of Benedict Fox, the narrative game As Dusk Falls, Ravenlock or Again penanceNew obsidian game! We also note the announcement Wu Long: Fallen Dynasty, the next title from Team Ninja! expected to Early 2023, it is an action game set in an Asian world very inspired by Chinese mythology. At the moment, we don’t know if it will be released somewhere other than the Xbox ecosystem.

Avid, Myth, State of Decay 3: The Great Absentees of the Evening

Among the high expectations that were noted was the RPG developed by Sebjian. Unfortunately, the latter stayed warm in the studio, which first introduced the Pentiment, scheduled for November 2022. We were skeptical, but Fable, developed by Playground Games (Forza Horizon), hasn’t made any news and won’t be released before June 2023.

Same for State of Decay 3, announced in 2020, which doesn’t look like it Still not ready To point to the tip of his nose. Contraband, which was recently rebranded, was not mentioned as well as Senua’s Saga: Hellblade II Perfect Dark or Everwild during the conference. For news of this header, You will have to wait for another conferenceThis year, next year, or later.

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