Brice Alzon

Brice Alzon (Coviva), an entrepreneur serving individuals

Chief: The title sounds quite imposing Bryce Alzonefresh He was elected at the head of the Union of Services for Individuals. Because his career scene presents aspects that are as original as they are unexpected.

Yet this man, though jovial, explains with the greatest seriousness the clandestine turmoil that has occurred in the sectors he represents: Recently, the annual tax credit used by individuals who use the human services business can be converted into an immediate advance.

“Instead of waiting for year-end compensation, they pay only half of the service to the company, summarized the 49-year-old manager. It’s an attack on overtime. What is the individual’s interest now in paying for a service informally, when officially paying less for it?”

eiffel tower lifter

Bryce Alzon was more of a passion worker than an idealistic hard worker, growing up between a mother keen on car racing and a father who taught himself time and time again that going to school was pointless. After a few years of trial and error that almost proved the patriarch right, Bryce Alzon has finally won in Issyk.

To fund his studies and his independence, he worked as an elevator operator at the Eiffel Tower… “He worked with a good salary. But you don’t have to be afraid of the open spaces or be afraid of differences in the weather,” he recalls.

The rain and wind could hardly have cooled this steadfast wanderer, who had acquired a taste of slowness during ascetic walks in the desert, after years of exploration. He completed his studies, and traveled to California where the development of the Internet was in full swing. “I was seeing startups creating companies called Yahoo! or eBay. We didn’t really know if their thing would work,” he smiles.

Licensed American

He worked as a product manager at Wyze. Alas! In 2001, the bursting of the internet bubble earned him his “American Style” license: half an hour to pack and unpack his bags. “It was surreal! The streets were full of unemployed young men who wandered with boxes in their arms.”

Brice Alzon returned to France. It is difficult to return to live with his mother, as a few weeks ago he was driving a sports car on golden asphalt! Back in study, he joined Telecom Paris, moved to Weave Management, and another leap to France Telecom. After marriage, he subsequently fled to Australia to seek work in the IT field. Fail… and back to square one…

a hand worker

By the way, Bryce Alzon rubbed the shoulders of politics, as a consultant on 2e Paris district. Then, as a handyman in digital components, he borrowed €400 from his wife to set up a computer repair company SME, and navigated Borloo’s plan to structure personal services businesses. Then Bryce Alzon completely took over the topic, establishing in 2006 his co-op Human Services House. He took, as a bonus, the privilege Coviva.

It’s time for a break, in 2014 he took his shoes to go to Santiago de Compostela. “A three-month experience, which leads to a subtle transformation in everyone,” he says, defending himself from any religious exaltation. This relearns the time and basic scale. »

Maxim Ayach, who gave him the position of head of FESP, praises his positive spirit: “He is a engaged man, ready to give a lot without expecting anything in return. He knows how to imagine new economic models. He can also be impulsive. This is the fault of enthusiasm. »

Curious about everything, Bryce Alzon remains atypical. Here it is now well established, with the responsibility of acting.

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