Fire insurance imposes itself in the face of the indifference of Tunisians

Fire insurance imposes itself in the face of the indifference of Tunisians

The fires, there is only the crackling of fire caressing the eardrums of victims who saw before their eyes the horrific collapse of their homes, businesses, projects and even dreams. Nothing prevails in these moments of devastation and destruction more than tears and the sound of sirens announcing disaster by flying to the aid of the helpless victims before the flames.

This is not a scene from a horror movie or a clip from a horror novel. This is indeed an unfortunate reality experienced by the victims of the fires. Moreover, the numbers for 2021 are evidence of this: 16,021 fires broke out in 2021, including 15,339 of unspecified causes. These fires have not spared any space over the past year. For example: grasses (5521), industrial facilities (369), homes/houses (1510), and places open to the public (575). Anyway, he fears fire. These are the official statements from the Civil Protection whose representative was one of the speakers during the Awareness Day, today June 13. This day focused on “Fire Hazard Prevention: All Stakeholders… All Committed.”

Thus, the representative lamented the lack of interest of Tunisians in fire insurance. As well as the lack of training to act for company personnel in the event of a fire. It also recommended, among other things, greater vigilance and more training for workers in private companies.

Since the numbers are stubborn, they only reflect the unfortunate reality of the fires in Tunisia

Let us judge: the total amount of compensation paid has increased over the past five years and increased from 32.8 million dinars in 2016 to 107.2 million dinars in 2020. However, the amounts involved are still despite everything less than the 2011/2013 period during which . The compensation paid amounted to 112.5 million dinars under economic conditions, where the conversion rate of the dinar against the euro was much lower (2.16 dinars compared to 3.28 dinars). These are the official statistics compiled by the CGA and FTUSA. It was presented during the awareness day, by Hisham Saeed, an expert engineer at FTUSA.

The speaker did not fail to provide a range of examples of fires as well as the damage caused to them. In 2022, a fire broke out in an embroidery workshop in Tunis, causing damage to an area of ​​470 m2, the source of which is electrical. The damage amounted to 200 thousand dinars. In 2021, the Ben Arous poultry slaughterhouse was completely destroyed (3500 m²). Equipment smoke and a large stock of raw materials due to short circuit. For damages amounting to 10.6 million dinars. Moreover, the most indicative and at the same time disturbing example is the destruction of an assembly workshop (500 m²). As well as smoke contamination of the entire factory, including several clean rooms. The origin of the drama is nothing but resistive heating in a block of power sockets.

The damage amounted to 48 million dinars. It should be noted that 70% of fatal fires occur at night and on weekends in homes. Smoke poisoning is the leading cause of death among fire victims. With regard to agriculture, according to the expert, 90% of fire outbreaks are of human origin. Half of the fires are caused by negligence. 80% of fires break out within 50 meters of the population. For this reason, it is considered that 50% of the fires could have been avoided by applying barrier gestures.

From the same perspective, Najib Koueider, another fire expert at FTUSA, emphasized the importance of prevention. But also for law enforcement to ensure compliance with safety standards and to constantly update regulations to follow the evolution of fire prevention and control technologies and mechanisms.

For their part, Hafez Gharbi, Chairman of the General Committee for Insurance (CGA) and President of the Tunisian Federation of Insurance Companies (FTUSA) Habib Ben Hussein stressed during their intervention on the appropriate legal framework for the fire and Tunisians’ lack of interest in the fire. insurance.

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