Home Loan: These are additional loans that can reduce the cost of your credit

Home Loan: These are additional loans that can reduce the cost of your credit

With rising mortgage rates, you may face difficulties in financing your project. But have you thought about side loans? Housing procedures, family loan, community assistance…Moneyvox helps you see things more clearly.

If you have a takeover project, you’ve likely made an appointment with your bank or broker to find a mortgage. But while higher interest rates sometimes make real estate more difficult to access, other additional loans can help you. Reduce the cost of your classic credit.


This is the case, for example, now known as PTZ (Zero-interest loan). On Income Terms, her goal is to help the most modest families gain access to real estate by completing a conventional loan. In France, according to a study published by Anil (the National Agency for Housing Information) in March, 66732 PTZ installed in 2020, Including 14,108 in the old and 52,624 in the new. If PTZ emissions decline sharply between 2019 and 2020 (-28%), this decline can be explained by successive restrictions and a decline in new construction during 2020. But the number is rising: in the last quarter of 2021, according to the Finance and Assurance Management Company Social Property Access (SGFGAS), 24,868 PTZs were issued (20,509 in new and 4,359 in old).

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local aid

In addition to helping at the national level, Some local authorities give aid Financial resources that enable families to become homeowners. Lend Paris accommodation at 0% in the capital, the rate of the elaborate Rennes joining system, the joining of excellent help Cur de Ville Tarbes … L’Anil offers on its website a map of France that lists, area by area, local help available. This tool will allow buyers to find their way around, confirms Aurane Srot, an attorney at Anil. But what can be especially interesting is to make an appointment with a lawyer from Adil (administrative branches of Anil) in your district. Your local lawyer will know all the devices Existing in your area and aid that can be mobilized.

Home Business Loan

Another possibility is a home business loan, formerly known as an employer loan, because this home loan, which can be repaid over a maximum of 25 years, is intended to Employees of private sector companies Non-agricultural, with a salary of 10 or more. With a fixed interest rate of 0.50% since September 1, 2020 (previously 1%), it is therefore very attractive, especially during this period of high credit rates.

This financing solution can be awarded to buy or build a new main residence or even get an old HLM home. But to benefit from it, the employee must justify income that is less than or equal to a certain ceiling. In addition, the home business loan can not exceed up to 40,000 euros Within 40% of the total cost of the financial transaction. However, it is still back-to-back with a classic loan.

As Action Logement explains, the goal is to facilitate access to housing for employees and to enhance residential and professional mobility for employees, in the interest of employment. And therefore , In 2021, 783,000 housing employment grants were issuedwages for these companies. However, certain rules must be respected. To purchase an old dwelling as part of an HLM sale, the DPE (Diagnostic Energy Performance) must have a score of A to E. New properties, must respect the terms of RE2020 Environmental Regulations.

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first join

Action Logement also provides a joining bonus in the amount of 10,000 euros , which can be combined with a housing business loan, but only for financing new housing. This bonus is reserved for first-time buyers, i.e. people who have not owned their primary residence within the past 24 months.

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family loan

When buying a property, family can also play an important role. To build a contribution or lower the cost of a mortgage, an ambitious buyer can take advantage of a donation, or even a family loan. In the second case, the money must be returned. The person who lends money is entitled to apply an interest rate to this loan, which should not exceed the usury rate (2.40% until next July 1).

Must have family loan Be the subject of writing for any amount exceeding 1500 euros. This makes it possible to remember, for example, that it is already a loan, and not a donation. Notaires du Grand Paris recommends drafting a bond regardless of the loan amount. Writing makes it possible to specify the special conditions of the loan in particular its term, the interest rate if necessary, repayment methods, possible guarantees … a work that can be written at home (preferably in several copies) or Have a notary, which will enhance its value.Note that above a certain amount (5000 € since 27 September 2020), the process must be declared to the tax services, via form n2062.

Also think…

Some pension funds may offer joining assistance which will supplement the principal funding. Its amount is generally Between 3000 and 15000 eurosThey are repaid over a maximum of 15 years (often 5 or 10 years), notes broker website Cafpi. Despite its title, this loan is not just for people of retirement age, but also for assets, as Vousfinancer points out. This is why your status (employee, executive, private business owner, manager, government employee, farmer) also plays a role in the conditions for obtaining this additional credit.

To put the odds on your side, feel free to make an appointment with an Anil branch near you. This will allow you to get Personal lighting, with free and neutral service, is Aurane Srot. Before buying, this will allow future buyers to set the record straight, but also to get information and possibilities they had not thought of.

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